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Biellese - Musiello Saluzzo

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Debut with a victory for the Musiello Saluzzo Women's Football that, on the municipal field of via Lombardia, defeats the Biella with a net 1-3. A trip that evokes unpleasant memories of the Saluzzesi who, in the past season, were the victims of a theft in the locker room due to a game facility to say the least dilapidated. Well, the months have passed and the situation can not be improved: building site close to the locker rooms and a field on the ground, worthy of the best Roland Garros, with a few tufts of grass here and there, to also evoke Wimbledon. However, sport is very different and the differences between tennis and soccer are clearly visible to everyone. As, theoretically, they should also be those between football and the Greco-Roman struggle. Yet in the Saluzzo area there is a scenario of extreme competitive competition, with entries at the limit of regulation and physical preservation. The girls of Mr. Giuliano Musiello, however, try to focus only on the discipline practiced and take the lead already at 3 'with Enrica Paoletti who makes the most of a cross from the right of Mellano to pierce Paggio. The game is always in the hands of the green white that leave little room for the attempts to restart a smoky Orlandin, well blocked by the expert Giordano. The round Saluzzo ball is to be reviewed but enough and advances to create numerous opportunities to network, not materialized by excessive heat offensive. At the 24 ', however, comes the well-deserved doubling with Mellano that exploits a beautiful heel martolt off to pierce once again the innocent Paggio. The landlords blame the blow and capitulate for the third time at 44 ': on the developments of a corner hit by Minetti is Chiara Giordano to fit perfectly from the rear inflating the network. In the second half the inertia of the match does not change and the sphere remains permanently in the feet of the Saluzzesi who, however, must guard against not receiving killer income. To do the cost of one of these actions is Emanuela White who receives a free entry to the ball away from the Maugeri who is immediately and deservedly expelled by the race director. The Biellese tries in some way to recover the result but the company is immediately desperate. The landlords, in fact, manage to approach only once from the parts of Triolo, going to sign with Lorio well imbeccata from a punishment of Orlandin. The attention threshold of the Saluzzesi rises further and for the Biellese it is impossible to recover. The ninetieth comes without further jolts and Musiello Saluzzo takes home the first three points of the season.

"The trip to Biella is, as usual, difficult - explains the Sports Director Andrea Rubiolo - I find it unexplainable that a municipality such as Biella does not intervene on shameful plants like this. The agonistic enthusiasm of the players can also be understandable, perhaps they expected a softer start, but some entries left us perplexed. We are, however, happy with the victory that allows us to start well on a field that will be difficult for everyone ".

BIELLESE: 6 page, Bani 5,5, Maugeri 4,5, Cortese 5,5, Pilgrim 5,5 (25'pt Lake 6,5), Camera 5,5 (1'st Capellaro 6), Primosa 5,5, Triani 5,5 (1'st Mello Rella L. 5,5), Orlandin 5,5 , David 6 (20'st Mello Rella C. 5,5), Lorio 6,5. A disp: Clingo, Reale, Savio. All: Bazzocchi

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Trix 6, Cursi 6 (38'st Dutto sv), 6,5 Goletto, 6,5 White, Lovera 6,5, Giordano 6,5, Torton 6 (25'st Fanelli 6), Martinatto 6,5 (31'st Chialvo 6), Paoletti 6,5, Mellano 6,5 (39'st Drammis sv), Minetti 6,5. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 3'pt Paoletti (M), 24'pt Mellano, 44'pt Giordano (M), 14'st Lorio (B)


In the photograph Chiara Giordano

Enrico Manassero
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