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The play-off is tinged with blue, COSSATO promoted in Serie C

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On Sunday, 20 Maggio, the play-off competition took place between the two teams that finished in the first row of the classification group A of the series D. The final result, a round 2 0, we deserve to say deservedly at the end of an obviously intense and hard fought competition by both teams, which have spared nothing until the last second in terms of effort and energy. Theater of the final challenge is the Ghemme sports field, with a really perfect playground, a very welcoming structure, and a grandstand full of fans to make a worthy setting for the race. Very positive the attitude of the public in this case, committed to inciting their colors with sportiness and fairness. Congratulations to all the spectators !!! And congratulations, allow me, but I want to do it immediately, to my girls! They won a championship after an exciting play-off of course, but above all they won after having led the whole season at the top of the standings, showing that they deserve the final success with a path made of constancy and continuity but also of growth and further maturity. , important features to pursue for a group of many young athletes! Congratulations to you, and a big thank you to all those who have had the pleasant task of guiding you in this wonderful adventure with a happy ending! So we come to this last act, which sees the whistle of the beginning of the Race Director, Mrs. Camilla Musso of the Vercelli section, under a leaden sky and a more autumnal climate, which will not miss a good dose of rain. The Sanmartinese part without Alice Biotti, disqualified, while for our team things are complicated from the beginning. Already without the bomber Sabina Morello (out for an injury by now 4 months) we have to give up after a few minutes even to Maria Speranza Levis, the victim of a tendon problem that does not allow her to remain in the field. Basically we have to do without our best realizers (37 networks in two) ... Perhaps these absences have had the effect of multiplying anger, will and energy from our athletes took to the field, proved concentrated and determined as never before. However, the Novara team started better, starting strong and trying to immediately exploit the best physical prowess and the greater experience of many players. In the early 25 'the pace of the race is high from the Sanmartinese, which sticks to full staff and rarely allows us to go and propose ourselves in the offensive field trocar. Excellent on the other hand our defensive phase, tidy and attentive tactically and very precise in the actual markings. It follows that the Novara are able to get really dangerous only with some conclusions from outside the area, the two most effective, both of Elisa Novello (at 16 'and 26') are promptly neutralized by our goalkeeper Lu Brancaglion. Around half an hour we start to take another step also to our actions of attack, we finally better exploit the exits being restarted, we slowly get to give depth to our maneuvers, and at the same time our opponents drop slightly. So we begin to create some danger for the door defended by Marta Giglioli, splendid for example the free kick kicked by Marta Fanton at 32 'with the ball coming out of "a nothing" above the crossbar. Still we try from distance Victory Viola to 43 'which is ready our goalkeeper, while our attacks lead to the conquest of some corners. Right on one of these, at the 45 'of the first half, Manuela Pitzalis fits punctually and imperiously to hit the ball placed in the middle by M. Fanton (how many have we tried in training!?!?!). Winning conclusion, ball unknowingly under the crossbar and the advantage of the Cossano! A little 'recovery and then all in the locker room for the interval, with the awareness on our part of having reached the advantage at the best time. Shooting. We know that the Sanmartinese will want to start strong and then we try to play in advance, continuing the very high pressure and anyway in all areas of the field, trying to put the opponents in trouble in every juncture, keeping the team as short as possible to promote this type of tactical situation. Attitude that rewards us a lot and immediately, since after a minute 6 a player in trouble because pressed down badly backwards a ball on which it pounces like a hawk our Marilena Calandra, for the occasion deployed from the first tip, which conquered the the ball flies towards the opposing goalkeeper and beats him inexorably with a precise right. A real roar from the tribunes greets the 2 network to 0, and the exultant embrace of all our blue in the field is a prelude to what will be the final party. Actually there are still something like 39 minutes more recovery at the end of the meeting, an eternity ... but it is clear immediately that at that point the inertia of the race has definitely passed on our side. After a few minutes the Sanmartinese must replace Martina Binaschi (knee injured), and even if she tries to react, to stay in the game, she loses enamel and lucidity with the passing of the minutes. The Novara tips are not able to enter the area dangerously and the only conclusions attempted still reach the edge of the area, most often with Ketty Mancin or E. New. Once only V. Viola has the ball on the feet to shorten the distance and reopen the game when the 78 'is to kick from an excellent position but is contracted at the last moment by an excellent recovery of Martina Toniolo. For our part, the maximum tactical attention, but never pure obstructionism, so much so that we often have to call our players back from the bench who continue to "squeeze" physically going to always seek the offensive restart, never give up, and continuing to give depth to action every time the opportunity presents itself. Mari Calandra and Ale Zanetta are also dangerous in some situations, which keep the defensive line alive, supported however very well by the companions. We also test Stefania Pozzo with a free kick from the 30 meters but is ready and placed M. Giglioli. The race remains lively until the end, given the stakes, but with the passing of the minutes the final outcome is increasingly palpable, more and more predictable, and is with the final whistle, after the last 5 minutes of recovery, that the two zero in our favor becomes definitive. It's C series !!! Celebrations on and off the pitch, for an after game of joy and absolute happiness for all of us, players, technicians, managers and the public ... An immense satisfaction conquered with great team spirit and great sacrifices amply rewarded by the goal achieved! However positive the adventure of Sanmartinese, started with the favors of the prediction together with Borghetto Borbera, but both overcome by Cossato football, which with a season to be framed has won the promotion to the upper category.

Honors of merit and a "good luck" to the Novara and Alexandrian girls who now have to try their hand in the playoffs for promotion. Sanmartinese, Borghetto, Asterix and Valsusa make up the gironcino from which they will come out the other two teams that will keep company with Cossato and Polonghera as new promoted to the next C series championship.

The Formations:



1) L. BRANCAGLION - Always ready and careful, do not be surprised by anything or anyone.

2) M. CALANDRA - Play from the first point, realizes the network that closes the race and always keeps alert the opposing defense. FROM 85 'E. VIANA - The experience of our "Pepe" for the delicate final race.

3) M. TONIOLO - Relentless in marking, practically unsurpassed, a capital performance!

4) C. MACHIERALDO- A playoff-promotion played by the holder only 15 years ... is already a success. He helped to win it with an exemplary match.

5) M. FANTON - Energy, race, continuity ... Sometimes it is also difficult to convince her to catch her breath ... On the band she is simply uncontainable!

6) S. POZZO - Captain of "thousand battles", with experience and tactical sagacity, guides the young companions to the most important victory!

7) M. BONIFACIO - Quality and continuity, a race without errors, shines up to 95 '.

8) M. PITZALIS - Tactically the pivot of our midfield, realizes the net of the advantage, manages the final race even with experience in the midst of so much youth.

9) B. ANSELMO - In the first year in Cossato the coach turns it into a midfielder, and in this race he seems to have always played in that role. Step and timing are the right ones, the excellent performance! FROM THE 75 'S. MILAZZO - Selena enters an important moment of the race, to give strong support to the companions fighting on every ball in the opposing half field. Very helpful!

10) MS LEVIS- Little more than 10 minutes in the field, then she is forced to surrender to the pain ... Even on the bench she manages to give the necessary push to her companions on the pitch! FROM THE 12 'I. GIORDANO. Enter without fear, and prove decisive in the economy of the game of the whole team! Great match!

11) A. ZANETTA - This time Ale plays 95 'whole with the same intensity, with great will, with absolute commitment in every situation. Another young woman at her first "big challenge" ... and what a win!

AVAILABLE: G. BOSCARO, M. DI NAPOLI, P. ROMITO, G. SCHIAVINATO. - They too with adrenaline and maximum tension, combined with teammates as they were in the field.

IN TRIBUNE: S. MORELLO, M. GUARDIA, S. LORENZON, M. VERONESE, C. ROBIOGLIO. - Some of them have played a lot during the season, others less ... For commitments or injuries have unfortunately been deprived of the joy of being able to live this exciting final race directly on the field, but their support and constant support from the stands were a true added value for the companions of many games. Their contribution to the final victory is very important. Thanks girls!!!


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