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Cartel match in Saluzzo to decide which of the two contenders will fight with the Albese until the last day for the championship victory. The check with great merit is a Musiello Saluzzo that juggles well on a land made slimy by the incessant rain while the Cit Turin is lost after a good first half. The owners of the house present themselves in full force while among the guests there is the absence of the D'Ancona diamond point. Not even the time to start that Minetti is quick to turn around in the area with a half-turned overturned bag that sticks behind a surprise as guilty Geraci, hit cold and plunged with exasperating delay on a ball not irresistible. The Turinese accused the blow and still Minetti at 9 'and Paoletti at the 13' could already close the game if they only framed the door. The Cit Turin, however, does not give up and slowly begins to take the field, he believes, we try with the play of Di Maria and Casella that lead Triolo to perform a double miracle at 15 '. Filipoiu also tries that at the 18 'head hits from two steps but still a super Triolo smanaccia over the crossbar. The Musiello Saluzzo clings to his goalkeeper not to capitulate and she responds as a champion keeping inviolate his door. Not so can be said for the opposing colleague who at 30 'is well opposed to a shot of Minetti lap but deposited the ball on the feet of Paoletti, able to anticipate the opposing properties and deposit on the net the gift received for the doubling. Despite the two goals and without his most valuable player, the Cit does not give up and throws himself headlong into the opposing half of the field managing to increase the pace and creating actions that the pair of mastiffs Lovera-Giordano always foils at the right time. And when the defenders do not reach us, we still think Triolo, today really unsurpassable, to deny the joy of the goal as the 43 'when you see the ball coming out of a forest of legs and manages to deflect for a corner. You go to rest in pouring rain and with the result that comes to the landlord.

When returning from the locker rooms, Casella tries to surprise Triolo but also this time the extreme defender foils with relative tranquility. On the overturn in the front, Tortone tries to embellish his umpteenth superb test in midfield with a Eurogol from the distance on which Geraci is still guiltily late but is helped by the crossbar throttling in the throat for a cineteca goal. Not even the time to despair that Paoletti, at 7 ', is in charge of a punishment from 25 meters. The distance seems prohibitive for the direct conclusion but the bomber of home leaves a pebble of outside right that slips into the upper corner to the left of a property Geraci, even here maybe a little 'late but she is definitely surprised by the magnificent prowess of the Saluzzo area. Just two minutes pass and at the 9 'again Paoletti takes advantage of the nightmare day of the Geraci that once more comfortably settles on the feet a ball crossed by Minetti after a great opening of captain Chialvo, finally returned to the levels that compete. The game in fact closes here, with Cit Turin looking at least the goal of the flag, which deserves for what he showed above all in the first half but that does not get imprecision, fatigue and the hermetic closures of the defense package Saluzzo. There are also two sensational opportunities for the landlords, with Minetti trying a lob, on which Geraci this time is not surprising, and with Melifiori who eats a goal kicking the goalkeeper out. Frankly, however, the passive would have been excessive for what was seen in the field, with two well organized teams, who play the ball and who have faced without too many tactics. Surely the black day of Geraci and the contemporary state of grace of Paoletti have influenced a lot the result, practically cutting out the Turinese from the fight for the final victory. For the Saluzzesi then the pursuit continues even if to recover the only point of separation from the leaders must hope for some false step of others in the two rounds that remain to play.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo 8 (from 43'st Laurenti sv), Cursi 7,5, Giordanino 7 (from 28'st Red 6), White 7, Lovera 7, Giordano 7,5, Torton 7,5 (from 16'st Bruno Franco 7), Mellano 6.5 (from 35'st Pagliano sv), Paoletti 8, Chialvo 6,5, Minetti 7 (from 28'st Melifiori 5,5) All: Musiello

CIT TURIN: Geres 4, Biondillo 5,5, Flag 5,5, Franzero 6,5, Baron 5, Massarelli 6 (from 15'st Neri 6), Tosetto 6.5 (from 17'st Gastaldo 6), Di Maria 7 (from 21'st Santomauro 5,5), Filipoiu 6,5, 6 Box, Naples 5,5 (from 24'st Basta 6). Available: Bertot, Boggio, Lombardi. All: Clear

MARKERS: 2'pt Minetti, 30'pt, 7'st, 9'st Paoletti

NOTES: Throws: 25 (14 in goal) Musiello Saluzzo, 16 (9 in goal) Cit Turin; Corner: 12 Musiello Saluzzo, 8 Cit Turin


In the photograph: Gabriella Triolo

Enrico Manassero
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