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Aosta - Musiello Saluzzo

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Second consecutive victory for Musiello Saluzzo who defeats Aosta for 1-5 and leads to second place in the standings in cohabitation with Cit Turin, next opponent in the league. The team from Saluzzo comes in Valle d'Aosta with all the girls available and this is the main good news of the day. Mister Giuliano Musiello introduces himself with Triolo between the poles, Dutto, Cursi, Lovera and Giordano on the defensive line, Tortone, Chialvo and Minetti in the median, Bianco and Mellano wide on the wings to support the only point of role Paoletti. Ready and the green and white to make the pace immediately finding the advantage to 5 ': corner of Mellano on the first pole where Emanuela White surprises everyone with a header that displaces Mognol. The formation of Saluzzo could spread but Minetti and Chialvo kicked off to the side from a good position. The offensive push of the guests is remarkable and serves the best Mognol to deny the joy of the goal to White and Giordano who, from a few steps, you see the conclusions neutralized. The doubling network is in the air and arrives punctually to the 32 ': White sows the opponents on the band and brush in the middle for Mellano that from close range is not wrong. You go rest on the 0-2 but the change of field and the strong wind leave the dispute open. In the second fraction of the game, in fact, the team from Saluzzo is not able to resume the same rhythm of the first half and the contrary wind does not facilitate the exit of the ball from its own half. This is how Aosta finds the net that reopens the games with Aresu who makes fun of Triolo from the distance with a malicious ending that slips under the crossbar. The team marchionate accuses the blow and the aostane draw again with renewed enthusiasm and it is in these cases that Triolo demonstrates its strength deviating in angle two poisonous conclusions of Glarey and Aresu. Just in the best moment of the landlord comes the Saluzzese network that closes the game: counterattack triggered by White for Paoletti who snaps on the offside and after a long ride throws Mognol. The landlords complain and get nervous, leaving more space to the guests who thank and continue the race. In the final game there is also glory for Chiara Minetti, sacrificed in the role of coverage on the Glarey, find the 1-4 network taking full advantage of a launch of Mellano, seating the goalkeeper, and bag comfortably. To close the games, finally, we think the new entry, but always ready, Marina Melifiori that, well imbeccata by Paoletti, pierces the innocent Mognol out. The dream of Saluzzo continues and we will need a big cheer for the challenge next Sunday against Cit Turin. The appointment is for the 16.00 in old Gran Via: pushing the girls to victory must be the goal of all the saluzzesi lovers of football.

AOSTA: Mognol 6,5, Perrin 6, Coccimiglio 5,5 (31'st Scano 6), Return 6, Ghersi 6, Riccella 5,5, Glarey 6,5 (25'st Mussel 6), Negra 6 (34'st Gorret 6), Bari 5,5 (12 ' St. Castellan 6), Aresu 7, Hisckok 6,5 (29'st Sauela 6). A disp: Salluard, Neyroz. All: Mischiatti

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triumph 6,5, Dutto 7, Cursi 7,5, Lovera 6,5 (17'st Bruno Franco 6,5), Giordano 6,5, White 7,5, Torton 6,5 (42'st Pagliano 6), Mellano 6,5, Paoletti 6,5, Chialvo 6,5 (39'st Red 6 ), Minetti 6,5 (42'st Melifiori 6,5). Available: Laurenti, Giordanino. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 5'pt White (M), 32'pt Mellano (M), 7'st Aresu (A), 25'st Paoletti (M), 38'st Minetti (M), 47'st Melifiori (M)


In the photograph: Michela Cursi

Enrico Manassero
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