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Difficult and certainly not beautiful match between Musiello Saluzzo and Astisport. The landlords had to return to success to cancel the setback against the Luserna, the guests needed points in key salvation. The result is an angular race with some uncertainty of the referee in evaluating some episodes. The result comes to Musiello Saluzzo who reconquers the summit of the C series, although in cohabitation with Luserna and Cit Turin. The Saluzzesi take to the field without Giordano and Lovera, replaced by the couple Tortone and Bruno Franco. Paoletti in not perfect physical conditions, clenches his teeth and starts from the beginning. In the first few minutes Mellano fired on Minetti's cross but Ponticelli immediately understood his value by blocking the ball. The Musiello pushes but does not concretize arriving with ease to the 16 meters without however to worry the extreme defender of Asti. At 20 ', always Minetti crossed for the oncoming Paoletti that shoots high. The Asti try to worry Triolo on the set pieces but the conclusions are all central and do not create worries. At 37 ', a proactive Cursi goes down on the right and puts in the middle an inviting ball for Paoletti who misses a deflection. The first half ends with Marcella trying to surprise Triolo from outside the box: high shot. In the second fraction, the little game seen in the first 45 minutes gets even worse and there are errors on both sides. The landlords attempt to raise the pace, lacking in precision, and the defensive solidity of the guests leaves no room for attackers from Saluzzo. Minetti, Chialvo and Melifiori try without luck shots from outside the area forgetting about accuracy, Rotella battle with the opposing defense not always helped by his companions. At the 23 'of the second half Tortone is cautioned for a hard and late entry and two minutes later Melifiori is stopped in suspect off-side by the race director between the protests of the players and the public. From this moment on, the black jacket is going through a conclusive phase with too many mistakes. The two episodes, however, ring the alarm for the landlords who pass the 28 'advantage: Paoletti spizzica head for the accident Melifiori, stop to follow entering the guest area and placed a ball to put the Ponticelli out. Advantage deserved as sweaty in an afternoon when the star of Captain Chialvo, not supported by the Tortone back for need in defense, did not shine, impoverishing the midfield quality and quantity. In the final minutes there is a plateaus penalty for the Saluzzo, with Ponticelli harpooning Paoletti's leg, alone in the area. The players of both formations await the whistle that sanctions the penalty but the referee is incredibly far from alert and does not whistle anything. Ponticelli retrieves the ball and kicks in a side foul. On the throw-in, the game is closed. Next Sunday, at 18, another crucial race for Musiello Saluzzo in the home of Albese Femminile.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triumph 6, Cursi 7, Giordanino 6, White 6,5, Brunofranco 7, Mellano 5,5, Torton 7, Melters 6,5 (from 36'st Red sv), Paoletti 6, Chialvo 5, Minetti 5,5. Available: Laurenti, Pagliano, Dutto. All: Musiello

ASTISPORT: Jumpers 6,5, Barbero 7, Ivaldi 6,5, Wheel 6,5 (from 39'st Aloi sv), Federico 6,5, De Masi 6, Froio 5,5, Leone 5,5, Marcella 6,5 (from 29'st Gaetano sv), XnUMX Salviori, Quadi 6. A disp: Moutanakki, Grammar, Chaabani, Cervellino. All: Cervellino

MARKERS: 28'St Melifiori (M)

Notes: shots on goal: 12 Musiello Saluzzo, 5 Astisport. Corner: 7 Musiello Saluzzo, 4 Astisport.

Ammonite: Tortone (MS) at 23'st.


In the photograph: Elena Pagliano

Enrico Manassero
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