Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Luserna - Musiello Saluzzo

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Musiello Saluzzo returns to the field after the Easter break and the forced rest in honor of Piermario Morosini, and does so by seizing a scorching defeat in the big match against Luserna. On the magnificent field of Torre Pellice there is a spectacular match between two teams of superior category who faced each other openly for the entire arc of the match. Mister Giuliano Musiello is presented to the meeting without Marta Lovera (injured) and Chiara Giordano therefore the eleven holder is composed as follows: Triolo in porta, defensive line formed by Giordanino, Cursi, Bruno Franco and Tortone, thick midfield composed by Minetti, Chialvo, Rosso, Bianco and Mellano to support the only Paoletti tip. Ready away and the landlords to take the lead: Cattaneo takes the ball to the edge of the area, eludes the intervention of Giordanino and face to face with Triolo bag comfortably. The network of disadvantage does not scare the Saluzzesi who throw themselves headlong forward looking for a draw net that reaches the 11'pt with Emanuela Bianco who starts from midfield skips three opponents and settles in the network behind Campanino, creating a great network . After this shock start the game pours into the middle line of the field with both teams relying on grit and struggle. The 34'pt is whistled a doubtful offside to the Cattaneo that would have been face to face with Triolo: good for the Saluzzo that a few minutes later touch the network with Paoletti that kick just wide. There would also be a red card to Mazzucchetti author of a gesture of annoyance to White, hit in the chest by a shove but the referee Boni prefers only to warn the former Juventus. In the second fraction of the game the script does not change and the match is played on the inspiration of the respective girls who give great battle. At the 17'st the episode that could change the game: a foul of Curcio frustration that is seen to overtake for the umpteenth time from Bianco, Minetti beats fast for Paoletti that is anticipated by hand by Sonia Bianco, the referee does not see infringement. The landlords are protesting for a contact in the penalty area on Cattaneo who, even if touched, lets himself go too clearly not finding the race director in agreement. So we get to the minutes of recovery where it happens seriously of everything: cross of Minetti from the left and a header without fail by Paoletti who finds on the line a resounding response from Campanino. On the reversal in front of the experience of the Luserna pays: Mazzucchetti takes the ball in midfield and flies to the door without finding the opposition of any Saluzzese nor a providential tactical foul. At the edge of the area the very expert player ends up at the net by guessing the right corner and piercing Triolo. At the resumption of the game the triple whistle that leaves very bitter in the mouth of Musiello Saluzzo that certainly deserved at least a draw. "I am satisfied with the team's performance also because it is not a disgrace to lose to Luserna - explains the DS Andrea Rubiolo - What is sorry is to see the way it arrived as with some more attention, less frenzy and more intelligence we would certainly have brought home at least a draw. My congratulations go to Luserna who believed in it to the end, claiming the most experience due to the identity card that counts a lot in these games ".

LUSERNA: Campanino 7, Right 6, White 6, Curcio 5,5, Trivè 5,5, Grouse 6, Cirrincione 6 (15'st Olivero 6), Gui 6,5, Cattaneo 7, Bruno 6,5, XUUMX Mazzucchetti. Available Bruno A., Toscano, Cavalli, Falco, Felizia. All: Miniati

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triumph 6,5, Cursi 7, Giordanino 5,5, White 7, Bruno Franco 6,5, Red 5,5 (22'st Dutto 5,5), Torton 6,5, Mellano 6,5, Paoletti 6,5, Chialvo 6, Minetti 6. Available: Laurenti, Pagliano, Melifiori. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 2'pt Cattaneo (L), 11'pt White (M), 50'st Mazzucchetti (L)


In the photograph: Manuela Giordanino

Enrico Manassero
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