The 18ª edition of the Beppe Viola Trophy for the female Napoli

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Arco (TN), 12 March 2019 - Napoli is the winner of the Beppe Viola Trophy for women's football, an edition in which the Juniores of the four Serie C champions took part for the first time in the history of the event. winter in this league. In the final played on the central field of Arco, the Neapolitans imposed themselves on the San Marino Academy for 3-1 thanks to the extraordinary triplet of Maria Visco, already author of two other goals in Sunday's semi-final.

The captain Michela Mariotti scored for the blue-white. In the final for the 3 ° and 4 the Permac Vittorio Veneto on the Pinerolo won a large victory: 4-1 the final result for the shears that hit three woods in the course of the match.
"Today a beautiful sports page closes in the best possible way, bringing here at the Beppe Viola the Juniores formations of the Serie C companies proved to be not only a successful experiment but a project to be consolidated as early as next year - stresses Sandro Morgana, the Vice President of LND for the Southern Area with responsibility for women's football - I congratulate all the teams that took part in the tournament, the growth path of youth activity also passes through experiences like this ".

Words of appreciation also come from the LND President Cosimo Sibilia, awarded last Thursday during the official ceremony of the Beppe Viola Trophy: "The Organizing Committee and the Women's Football Department have by now a consolidated relationship, if the interest of the younger girls in this sport increases the whole movement inevitably benefits ".

To reward the teams and the referees refereeing the same Morgana, the Secretary of the DCF Patrizia Cottini, the Vice President of the Provincial Autonomous Committee of Trento Renzo Rosà and the head of women's football in Trentino Ida Micheletti.

Markers: 19 'and 42'pt Visco (N), 1'st Mariotti (S), 41'st Visco

Naples (4-3-1-2): Repetti; Amodio, Casalino, Auriola, Fantozzi (48'st Fummo); Girolamo (43'st Beningaso), Catalano, Marotta (47'st Cozzolino); El Bastali (46'st Maddaluno); Moccia, Visco. To avail. Rolfini, Botta, Auriemma. All. Illiano

San Marino Academy (4-4-2): Zagini; Casali (20'st Giannotti), Paolini, Zagini, Naghi (6'st Saraga); Gennari (37'st Grandoni), Cecchini, Mariotti, Ruggieri (1'st Giuliani); Beccari, Sietchiping. To avail. Giovanetti, Baldacci, Bedetti. Zagini All

Referee: Perenzoni from Rovereto; Linesmen: Borz di Rovereto and Mancabelli of Arco Riva
Notes: Ammonite: Mariotti, Casali (S), Auriola (N). Corners: 4-1 for Napoli. Recovery: 2'pt, 4'st


Pinerolo (4-5-1): Perrone; Paira (16'st Bertone), Margaritora, Gaido (38'st Negri), Ascoli (28'pt Trombotto); Rosano, Aimetti, Blanchetti (3'st Demaria), Culasso (36'st Chiantore), Leccese (40'st Di Natale); Lippolis. To avail. Cardillo. Borri All

Vittorio Veneto (4-2-3-1): From Ronch (43'st Facchin); Gava C. (46'st Tomasella), Da Ros, Modolo, Gava V .; Cartelli, Brovedani (26'st Gallina); Coghetto (1'st Pizzolato), Bigaran (24'st Fattorel), Mella (16'st Trevisiol); Canzi (8'st Sossai). Herds Fattorel

Markers: 37'pt rig. Mella (PVV), 47'pt Coghetto (PVV), 5'st Canzi (PVV), 11'st Culasso (Pin), 42'st Trevisiol (PVV)
Referee: Borz of Rovereto; Linesmen: Tonoli di Arco Riva and Perenzoni di Rovereto
Notes: Ammonite: Da Ros (PVV). 7-4 corners for Pinerolo. Recovery: 2'pt, 4'st

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