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Torneo di Arco, the spring of Agsm Verona rises on the 3 ° step of the podium

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Verona spring training
The girls of Agsm Verona overcome the Mozzanica on penalties and climb on the third step of the podium. On the third step of the podium are the girls of the spring of Agsm Verona who in the final consolation got the better of the Mozzanica bergamasche after an endless series of shots from the penalty spot. After the expensive semifinal of 48 hours before Mr. Padovani opts for some training changes: between the poles Fenzi instead of Forcinella while in attack there is Zangari nell''undici holder.

The scaligere start well and touch the net of the advantage with Zangari that calls to the miracle Resmini.
The Veronese maintain the dominance in the construction of the game and reach the net of the advantage shortly after half an hour with Veronica Pasini who exploits the uncertainty of the number one Bergamo, reconquers the sphere, and bags with the door unguarded.
Before the rest the Veronese fail the opportunity to double with Poli who receives from Pasini and all but kicks to the stars.

At the beginning of recovery, the girls of the ASM Verona reach the well-deserved doubling: Gobbi opens for Pasini who serves the Greek Goula good to put the ball into the net.
Shortly after Pasini eats the opportunity to finally close the match by failing the tap-in.
At the 21 ° the alarm bell rings with Baldi, which becomes dangerous for the first time but Fenzi confidently.
Shortly before half an hour the Lombards reopen the race with Salvi that directly on the free kick from the edge sends the ball into the net.
The new entry Prando could close the match but wasted from an excellent position the assist to the kiss of Zanoni.
At the 38 ° the Bergamo come to an unexpected draw thanks to the masterful punishment from over 35 meters put in goal by Valesis.
The Veronese attack in the last minute without finding the decisive paw. The eleven-meter shots will again decide the winner.
The players of both teams prove to be infallible by the eleven meters and after the five penalties per side continue to the bitter end up to the eighth shot from the penalty spot. Gaia Prando bags for Verona, while Marchesi is rejected by Linda Fenzi who flies on the right side and gives the team Gialloblù victory and third place in the prestigious Tournament of Arco.
On the top step of the podium goes the Res Rome (winning only on penalties in the semifinals with Verona). The Giallorossi beat Napoli with a dry 4 to 0.

AGSM VERONA - MOZZANICA 10-9 dcr (2-2)
Networks: Pt. 32 'Pasini (V), st. 5 'Goula (V), 27' Save (M), 38 'Valesis (M).

Penalties: Ambrosi (V) goals, Martella (M) goals, Meneghini (V) goals, Valesi (M) goals, Soffia (V) goals, Salvi (M) goals, Zanoni (V) goals, Baldi (M) goals , Pavana (V) goals, Verzelletti (M) goals, Pasini (V) goals, Magni (M) goals, Prando (V) goals, Marchesi (M) saved.

Agsm Verona: Fenzi, Dal Barco (22 'pt Gobbi, 18' St Ambrosi), Soffia, Meneghini, Pavana, Goula, Zanoni, Nichele (33 'St Franco), Zangari (31' St Prando), Poli (15 'St. Osetta), Pasini.
Available: Forcinella, Mizzon.
Coach: Valter Padovani.

: Resmini (33 'St Giroletti), Macchi (18' St Belussi), Magni, Salvi, Verzelletti, Marchesi, Zanetti (24 'St Bonzi), Martella, Mandelli (10' St Campana), Valesi, Baldi .
Available: Pellegrinelli, Edoci.
Coach: Diego Zafferi.

Referee: Mahili of Arco-Riva.
Assistants: Giannone and Gomes of Arco-Riva.
Notes: artificial grass land, sunny morning with pleasant climate. 5 + 3 recovery.
Arco (Tn).

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