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Brescia-Supercup-2012Bitter defeat for the Brescia that gives the pass eight minutes from the end, to a Torres for long stretches below. In the first fraction the emotions latitano, but the first inattention of the Lombard defense pass the sardines with Panico. Brescia reacts and from then on dominates the match. After several attempts the deserved equal reaches the 19 'of the recovery and after a few minutes Sabatino fails the goal of the 2-1. In the best moment of the lionesses, however, it still strikes Panico with the 37-2 signed by a surgical accident from the limit to the 1. The sardines raise the Cup, but the Brescia gives an important signal to the opponents: this year will be a race to the title fierce.


Torres - Criscione, Manieri, Motta, Stracchi, Tona, Fuselli (45'st Jersey), Domenichetti (42'st Costi), Maendly, Panico, Bartoli, Iannella. (Thalmann, Carboni, Casùla) All. Tesse

Brescia - Penzo, D'Adda, Gozzi (10'st Cernoia), Schiavi, Boni, Zizioli (5'st Pedretti), Ferrandi (34'st Baroni), Alborghetti, Sabatino, Rosucci, Bonansea. (Mori, Brayda, Paganotti, Zanetti) All. Bertolini

Referee: Mezzarobba di Conegliano
Networks: 37'pt Panic, 19'st Bonansea, 37'st Panic
Notes: ammonite Zizioli, Cernoia

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