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Barbara Riceci (Riccione): "I miss the green lawn so much"

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Midfielder with a long militancy in the blue-white team, he covered the captain's armband last year incardinating the role of leader and guide of the group.
This season, due to a foot injury that has been haunting her since September, she has had to forcibly skip all the scheduled races.
Showcase of the day for Barbara Riceci, 31, flag and veteran of the Romagna team, an element of proven experience, with good individual technique, progressively improving from the ailments that conditioned her, ready to return to the game rectangle to give the his contribution to the team.

Hi Barbara, a brief description of your role and technical characteristics

Hi, my name is Barbara Riceci, I am 31 years old and I am a midfielder of the women's Riccione, the most "expert" of the group, considering that after Sonia Meletti, I am the biggest of the team, from this season decidedly rejuvenated.

How did your passion for football come about? Since when do you play in Riccione?

I have been kicking a ball since I was born, in a real team from the age of 11, when Arianna Fabbri discovered me at the park that I was playing with friends; before we were at the Junior Coriano then since the Female Riccione was born I have never changed jersey.

The handover of the role of captain to Rodriguez. A judgment on the teammate

I was captain with the armband until last year then it was decided for a generational change, to make our young people more responsible, surely Laura together with Letizia are young girls who grew up with us, who deserve the prestige of the arm band , serious teammates who work hard and embody the leading role.

Your personal troubled season and the return with which prospects and ambitions?

Unfortunately this year, yes, it can be said that I have not yet played because since September I have a problem with my foot (tendonitis and bursitis) that has made me stay still for more than 3 months; I am in the last period of rehabilitation, I am trying to start training continuously.

The strengths and limitations of the team. Does the ranking reflect the value of the teams?

My team this year has been strengthened in all the roles of the field, with the inclusion of young and talented girls. We are a nice group well blended, each with its own characteristics, I certainly call myself more technical and less physical, but in all roles and in every department there are girls who with their characteristics bring quality and ample room for improvement ... for what I have seen, at least third place in our league as a team and team value we deserve it all. We are a young team and sometimes we sin by inexperience. Pontedera, Sassari and Roma are teams that perhaps have a little bit more as single players but there are no superiors as a collective force.

Seasonal goals

For this season finale, I hope to return to trample that green lawn that I like so much and that is my greatest passion.

Asd female Riccione, press office

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