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The Apulia Trani wins the three points up for grabs with the Free Girls

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Another positive result for the Apulia Trani which conquers three fundamental points for the classification and morale thanks to the victory obtained yesterday against the Free Girls. In the first half, the home team immediately imposed the game by conceding very little. After just two minutes Ventura made a great shot that barely flies over the crossbar. At 5 from a corner from the right the Apulia hits the wood. At 14 Delvecchio launches a deep throw for Dibenedetto who pulls slightly to the side.

The goal is in the air and at '26 the same Delvecchio marks the 1-0 goal directly on a free kick from the right from 30 meters transforming the municipal into a bedlam. At '34 it is Turco to present himself at the beat of the free kick that Nardulli saves. Thus ends the first 45 minutes. The recovery begins in which Mister Strippoli's team is good at managing the advantage until the final whistle. The away team attempts offensive raids which are however removed from our defense. They spend 30 minutes hard fought on both sides. At '33 Dibenedetto finds Nardulli's rejection on his excellent shot. Final race well administered by the Tranesi. An important and well-deserved victory for Apulia Trani who, if in recent games, has failed to make a result it was only for bad luck. With the game system proposed from the beginning it was immediately seen that the team wanted to conquer the victory, succeeding in its entirety.


APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Corvasce, Delvecchio, Tucci, Cottino, Cagiano, Calabrese, Turco, Chiapperini ('32 st Vitobello), Ventura ('45 + '4 Manzi), Dibenedetto. Available: Dellatte, Tortosa, Montrone, Spallucci, Gargano, de Musso. Manager: Massimo Strippoli.

FREE GIRLS: Nardulli, Costigliola ('36 st D'Ignazio), Bruno, Di Domenico, Pasciullo, Nozzi, Angelini, Fusco, Calvano ('12 st Romani), Monterubbianesi ('27 st Fiore), Marroni (21 st 'First ), Leaf. Available: Romans, Marini. Coach: Francesco Mucci.

Recovery: '4 st.
Ammonites: Delvecchio (AT), Tucci (AT).
Goals: Delvecchio.M (AT) '26 pt.
Referee: Gagliardi from the San Benedetto Del Tronto section. 1st assistant: Dicolangelo of the section of Barletta. 2nd assistant: Dellaquila from the Barletta section.

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