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A remodeled Lecce Women falls in Aprilia

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In Marina di Ardea, confirmation has arrived that Lecce is a haunted season. In the match played against Aprilia, won by Lazio with a score of 3-1, the Lecce team lost two more checkers. During the first half, in fact, they were forced to abandon the defensive left side Roberta Costadura because of an injury and shortly after also the attacker Serena D'Amico. Investigations are underway for both players and the real extent of the injuries will be known only during the week.

That's not all because even Benny Cucurachi, who finished the match, on returning to the locker room suffered a muscle ache. The Galatinese midfielder will also undergo instrumental tests in the next few hours. It is worth mentioning that the list of unavailable also includes Colavolpe, Orefice, Tirabassi, Raicu and Viva as well as Coluccia whose return to the field could take place in the away match on March 15 in Catanzaro.

"I confess that in some moments I think I am on jokes aside - says the coach Vera Indino with healthy realism -. But then I realize that it is all true and I can not help but deploy the best possible training every week For example, on Sunday I made two Under 15 girls, Giada Rollo and Sabrina Alemanno, make their debut against Aprilia. Now I am also thinking of adding two more, Alessia Spedicato and Aurora Maci. I speak of course of players born between 2004 and 2006 This negative parenthesis will help these girls to gain experience in Serie C. "

Sunday home game against Dream Napoli. A Collepasso will be played at 15.

Serie C - Eighteenth day

Aprilia-Lecce Women 3-1

Aprilia Racing: Grossi, De Stradis, Croce, Cusella, Lewis, Di federico, Pisa, Spagnuolo, Majorca, Costanzo, Galluzzi. On the bench: Caprera, Olianas, Lauria, Monti. Coach De Pinto.

Lecce Women: Errico, Sozzo, Guido, Felline, Ouacif (24 'st Polo), Costadura (40' pt Rollo), Vitti (7 'st April), Cucurachi, De Benedetto (35' st Alemanno), Cazzato, D ' Friend (44 'pt During). Vera Indino coach.

Referee: Frizza di Perugia.
Markers: in pt 38 Galluzzi (A); 42 'Majorca penalty (A); in st 10 'Costanzo (A); 22 'Guido penalty (L).
Notes: about one hundred spectators. Ammonite: Croce (A) and De Pinto coach Aprilia, Guido (L). Recovery: pt 1 '; st 4 '.

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