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Chieti Women's Football: against Palermo ends 2-2

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So much regret for the Chieti Calcio Women in advantage of two goals and reached at the end of the game by Ludos Palermo: at the Antistadio of Francavilla al Mare ends 2-2.
The neroverdi play an excellent match in the presence of the second in the standings: perfect first half, then in the final phase of the race a physical and mental decline costs dearly and the guests regain the result.
Two authentic spells of Giulia Di Camillo (40-meter free-kick) and Carnival (prowess from outside the area) were not enough to bring home three points that would have moved even more the ranking that now sees the girls of Mister Lello di Camillo go down to fourth place in cohabitation with the Aprilia Racing Club and only one distance from Sant'Egidio which took him to third.

The news opens on the 4 'with the launch of Giulia Di Camillo for Scioli who shoots at the net, but is stopped by the whistle of the referee who recognizes an offside position.
Unfortunately, the refereeing direction will ultimately be questionable with some dubious decisions taken at least to be reviewed.
At 6 'the Ludos moves forward with Bassano who goes to the conclusion, Falcocchia blocks with confidence.
At the quarter of an hour Ferrazza puts Scioli at the center, a defending guest landslides them literally in the middle of the area, the referee incredibly lets the game continue without assigning a penalty to many who appeared clean. At 19 'Ferrazza does not make it and must leave the field due to injury, Di Sebastiano enters his place.
Two minutes later a great defensive intervention by De Vincentiis on Bassano launched at the net avoids the worst for Chieti. At 23 'Vukcevic tries the big shot from outside the area, but the ball ends up high.
Another excellent save from Falcocchia on 31 'on the free-kick from Dragotto.
Still the goalkeeper neroverde is great protagonist at 39 'when he promptly comes out on Dragotto's feet. Chieti takes the lead in the 41st minute with a fantastic fireball on a 40-meter free kick by Giulia Di Camillo on which Sorce can do nothing.
We then go to rest with the theaters in the lead 1-0.

Ludos changed skin at the beginning of the second half: on the pitch Talluto for Tarantino and La Cavera for Intravaia.
It is Chieti, however, who finds doubling in the 3 'with an authentic Carnival feat that sees Sorce off the poles and makes her dry with an unbeatable shot from outside the area. It seems done, but unfortunately it won't be.
At 8 'Falcocchia is miraculous when he rejects Bassano's first attempt, the ball still returns between the feet of the Ludos player who strikes the net without fail, but finds on the trajectory an amazing Benedetti who saves almost on the goal line with Falcocchia now out of the way.

Ludos begins to believe in the possible comeback and continues to attack in the 10th minute with Dragotto, on the occasion providentially stopped by the neroverde defense.
In the quarter of an hour, Falcocchia's exit is once again decisive, blocking the ball ahead of Dragotto. At 23 'Chieti has the great opportunity to close the accounts when, on the short rejection of the guest defense on the punishment of Di Sebastiano, it is captain Giada Di Camillo to pull diagonally and touch the opposite pole. At 25 'the neroverdi risk capitulation again and only another great defensive intervention by Benedetti denies the joy of the goal to Ludos.
The Sicilians insist and at 29 'still touch the goal when on the free kick Dragotto is very good Falcocchia with a stroke of the kidneys to avoid the guest marking on the unfortunate deviation towards his door by Giulia Di Camillo. Mister Lello Di Camillo senses the difficult moment of his team and tries to change by sending fresh forces into the field with Di Domizio in place of De Vincentiis.
At 34 ', however, the goal of Ludos arrives: furious scrum in the neroverde area, on a goal net the ball slams first on Giuliana and then on Cusmà thus ending up inside.
Three minutes later Licciardi's team comes to a draw: Scioli puts down an opponent in the middle of the area, the referee assigns the penalty and shows the red to the black-green player. On the diskette goes Bassano who transforms.
Chieti also risks collapse when at 40 'Dragotto devours a great opportunity sending the ball to the stars from an excellent position. At 42 'Giulia Di Camillo chipped the crossbar with a shot from a secluded position. Two minutes from the end, another danger for the neroverdi when Dragotto is still alone in the center of the area, to fail the knockout by pulling high. So ends 2-2 with Chieti who goes under the grandstand to greet the fans even if the regret remains for a victory escaped in the final stages of the race.
Now the girls of Mr. Lello Di Camillo are awaited by two insidious travels against Sicula Leonzio and Sant'Egidio.

Match sheet:

Chieti Women's Football - Ludos Palermo 2-2

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, De Vincentiis (34 'st Di Domizio), Ferrazza (19' pt Di Sebastiano), Benedetti, Vukcevic, Di Camillo Giulia, Gangemi, Giuliana, Carnival, Scioli.
Available: Seravalli, Lacentra, Colecchi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Ludos Palermo: Sorce, Newcomb, Intravaia (1 'st La Cavera), Cusmà, Zito, Collovà, Lazzara, Tarantino (1' st Talluto), Dragotto, Bassano, Coco (22 'st Schillaci).
Available: Panarello, Campo, Riccobono, Impellitteri.
All .: Licciardi Antonella

Referee: Gagliardini from Macerata
Assistants: Armaroli of Teramo and Verardi of Vasto.
Ammonite: Scioli (C), Collovà (L)
Expelled: Scioli (C)
Goals: 41 'pt Di Camillo Giulia, 3' st Carnival, 34 'st Cusmà, 37' st Bassano.


“We were playing a perfect game. In the interval the coach changed something, he told me to take advantage of my speed and I did it immediately. After a few minutes, in fact, I got the ball, I saw the goalkeeper off the posts, I shot and scored. It was a great joy.
Too bad for the last ten minutes of blackout that cost us the possible victory: we were dominating until then. There was a drop in concentration and physical loss that we paid for later. Scioli's naivety in the occasion of the penalty can be there, football is also this.
He could have perhaps avoided the foul, but an opposing player from that position would surely have scored: there either you score a goal or you provoke the penalty, Chiara "chose" the penalty, hoping perhaps that Lisa saved him, but unfortunately it did not happen. We were also unlucky on the occasion of their first goal, although perhaps we could have scored better since there were three of their free players in the center of the area, and not much was understood in the fray. Luck has been on their side, but these episodes happen in football, sometimes in favor, sometimes against. It remains a great regret because in my opinion we managed eighty minutes to perfection with excellent concentration, then the last ten were fatal. We have the goal of second place, we will continue to chase it even if it becomes more difficult now. The company is there, the group is returning together, there have been problems but the coach and the company have managed everything in the best way and we all want to still believe in it together.
We are now facing two difficult trips, with Catania missing Scioli and perhaps even Ferrazza who was injured, but we will go there to play our game and bring home the three points.
This year, for me a new team and a new environment, but I feel good, I have also scored four goals so far. At the beginning of the season I had to study things, now everything is going well for me.
I want to dedicate this goal to the club and to the coach: it is not an easy moment for us, but they are all facing it in the best way and also helping us players to mature and manage things in the best way. We are a young team, but with elements of experience: we can aim to do well.
We have important future goals. This is a nice staff and I'm happy to be part of it. "

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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