Acf Alessandria shows its teeth, Real Meda wins in the final

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Monstrous performance of the gray, against a big league show what they are made of. The game played today must be a springboard for future performances, despite the defeat they can play with all.

The Acf Alessandria shows up in Meda with all the disadvantages of the prediction but a flash of Martina Luison's head, on punishment, is enough to put everything into question. Very unusual statistics for the gray athlete, 4 goals scored on 4 inactive balls, three punishments and a header from an inactive ball.
First time of trouble for the medina who found themselves in front of a team of pure heart and soul. It is for little, very little, they didn't bring the three points home. But unfortunately the tales end sooner or later and in the second half the Alexandrians are overwhelmed by the tiredness that in the last thirty minutes will bring the girls of Real Meda to the draw and then to the victory, less than fifteen from the end. Today's game has shown that they can do it, just go on the pitch with the right head

ACF ALESSANDRIA: (4-4-2) Vassallo, Mensi, Luison, Zanarotto, Orlandi, Colombaro, Pironti, Barbesino, Tascheri, Bergaglia, Garavelli. Available: Fara, Viotta, Briglia. Coach: Barbesino Luca

Paolo Baratto
Acf Alessandria press officer

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