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Vicenza sedated by beautiful Sardinia, the Oristano stops the leaders on 2 to 2

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The answer that was sought after the latest results has not arrived. In Oristano ends 2 to 2, with goals from Quidacciolu and Martana for the sardines, while Yeboaa's penalty shotgun is decisive for the Biancorosse. A bad game, decided by the kicks placed, in which Vicenza, who arrived in Sardinia with numerous defections, did not know how to impose the sparkling game to which he had accustomed the public during the season.

Conversely, a much more mature Oristano than the one who had suffered 12 goals in the first leg, a team that, despite not having created particular goal actions, managed to bring the game to its advantage with two episodes, and then barricaded in the second half, putting a barrier to the red and white assaults despite the numerical inferiority in the last minutes.

A game that starts under a bright sun, with a decidedly more than spring temperature. For the first conclusion we have to wait 10 ': the shot from the left of the area of ​​Dal Bianco is deflected for a corner by a defender.
A millimeter throw of Miss13 at XNUMX 'Favero fishing on the right, which however fails to break through: the ball ends out of the area, centrally, right where Carradore is stationed, but his shot is blocked by Chessa.

Vicenza close to scoring in the 18th minute: it is always Carradore who throws a bomb from outside, on his low shot Chessa is very good at fiddling with a corner.

Vicenza maneuvers, albeit with a little difficulty, but the Sardinians try to exploit the restarts. And it is precisely from a counterattack that the episode comes that changes the game. At 21 'Gargan, launched to the net, enters the area and pulls the counterbalance: the carambola ball on Pegoraro's arm, engaged in contrast. The referee has no doubts and assigns the penalty to the Aristano. Quidacciolu appears on the disk, which puts a low shot on the left which leaves Dalla Via stone.

At 22 ', against all odds, the Oristano is ahead.

Vicenza must react, and relies on the top scorer: at 28 'Yeboaa sows panic between the defenders, enters the area and, from behind, is tripped. The referee awards the penalty. Francysca herself takes charge of the 1-meter mark: the ball is stretched to the right, the goalkeeper is beaten. It is 1 to XNUMX.

Occasionissima for the Biancorosse in the 35 ': on re-start, Yeboaa throws Basso, who electrocutes the Sardinian defender and is in front of the goalkeeper, but his sure-fire shot ends out of nothing.

The game is very physical, to the detriment of the good game: Vicenza leads, but the maneuver is always interrupted on the three quarters. At 42 ', however, the Oristano took the lead again. Punishment from the left quarter, Mattana goes to beat: his shot is very powerful, he slams on the inside of the left post and bags, without Dalla Via can do anything about it.

Surprisingly, at the end of the first 45 minutes, the Oristano is ahead. The Sardinians prove to be a much more solid team than could have predicted the position in the standings, even if Vicenza repeated the mistakes of last Sunday, sinning with precision both in the maneuver, but above all in the final phase.

In the second half Vicenza tries the reaction. The girls seem more determined than in the first half, but are not precise: in the 51st minute a cross-shot by Yeboaa touches the crossbar. The Oristano instead creates a defensive wall, against which the red and white strikers struggle a lot. At 55 'punishment for Vicenza, Maddalena puts in the area, but she is very good at clearing the Sardinian defense.

Vicenza pushes, wants the draw, which comes in the 56th minute: yet another offensive action, Yeboaa discards Senes at speed which puts her down in the area. The referee blows the penalty, the same number 7 goes on the spot, which puts it in the right corner in the low shot; is the 21st goal for Francysca this season!

Vicenza is always dangerous: at 63 'Dal Bianco puts in the middle, but Basso's shot is not powerful and the goalkeeper blocks without problems. At 75 'a punishment of Maddalena from the left crosses the whole area and ends out of nothing. At 79 'Vicenza still in attack: Basso's soaking, on the developments of a corner, ends up a little. The game gets hot. At 81 'Scanu leaves the field for a second yellow card.

Vicenza tries to take advantage of the numerical superiority and in the 85th minute it touches the advantage: Yeboaa sees Basso's cut and serves her: Chesso is very good at the exit to wall the number nine red and white. In the last minutes it is an assault by Vicenza. The red and white are always close to the area, but they cannot break through. At 92 'for a hair Low can not push on the net, on the development of a corner, but can not hook.

It is too late, and the referee blows his whistle three times. A mediocre game against Oristano. Vicenza has not been able to find the goal of the advantage, lacking precision especially in the last meters, after a first half in which the girls had even gone under.

We will have to find the serenity of the last games, and the Biancorosse will have to take advantage of the next weekend of rest to reorganize their ideas, close this subdued February and start again on March 1st, against Cortefranca, to return to make you dream!


Atletico Oristano - Vicenza Calcio Calcio Female 2-2


Chessa, Quidacciolu, Scanu, Dessì (87 'Meloni), Beech (50' Scalas), Senes, Mattana (72 'Catte), Podda (60' Ivanova), Coconut, Gargan, Solinas

Subs not used: Patta, Mosca, Cadoni, Carta, Piseddu

Att. Avellino Luigi


Dalla Via, Pegoraro, Missiaggia, Perobello, Yeboaa, Carradore, Favero (65 'Pizzolato), Dal Bianco, Basso, Maddalena, Rigon

Available: Bianchi, Piovani, De Vincenzi

All. Dori Cristian

Goalscorers: 22 'Quidacciolu penalty (O); 42 'Mattana (O); 28 'penalty and 58' penalty Yeboaa (V)

Referee: Piccardi of Viareggio

Assistants: Navarre of Carbonia and Walls of Cagliari

Recovery: 1 ', 4'

Ammonite: Low (V); Carradore (V); Scanu (O)

Expelled: Scanu (O)


Atletico Oristano - Vicenza 2-2

Cortefranca Calcio - Brixen Obi 2-0

Isera - Unterland Damen 0-1

Padua - Gordige 1-0

San Paolo - Trento Clarentia 1-2

Sudtirol Damen BZ - Spal Academy 1-3

Venice - Brescia CF 0-2


Vicenza 42

Unterland 39

Brescia CF 39

Brixen Obi 37

Trento Clarentia 31

Padua 31

Cortefranca Calcio 30

Venezia 29

Gordige 19

Spal 16 Academy

Isera 11

Sudtirol Damen BZ

Atletico Oristano 6

San Paolo 0

Francesco Brun

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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