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With three magic of Vukcevic, Di Camillo and Di Sebastiano, Chieti spreads Rome XIV

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With three spells from Vukcevic, a perfect free kick by Giulia Di Camillo and a penalty kick transformed by Di Sebastiano the Chieti Calcio Donna beat 5-0 Roma XIV at the Antistadio of Francavilla al Mare.
The neroverdi with an excellent team performance conquer the three points and reach 28 in fourth place in the standings on an equal footing with Aprilia Racing.
It was a game always firmly in the hands of Mr. Lello Di Camillo's girls with the guests who practically never worried about Falcocchia: for the home goalkeeper ninety minutes of ordinary tranquility.

Excellent proof of all: note of merit for Benedetti and Ferrazza, perfect in defense and proactive in the attack phase, Di Sebastiano and Vukcevic, the latter author of three valuable goals.
Immediately Chieti in attack on the 2 'with Giulia Di Camillo who pulls from outside the area, but puts to the side.

Roma XIV responds in the 6th minute with a free-kick from De Luca which ends out. Still attacking guests three minutes later, but Falcocchia is very good at going out and blocking the ball on Santacroce's cross.
The neroverde defense has a few moments of heeling when shortly after Pomponi flies towards the door, but is once again stopped by a careful Falcocchia who closes the mirror well.

After the fear, the neroverdi go ahead at 10 ': Carnival launches Scioli fishing Vukcevic in the area, perfect diagonal to cross the latter on the far post that leaves no way out for Quartullo.
From this moment on, the match becomes a Chieti monologue that will constantly have the ball of the game in hand without leaving any space to the opponents.
At 14 'Ferrazza hits the head on a free kick by Di Sebastiano, but the ball ends up in the arms of Quartullo.
At 21 'Chieti touches the doubling: Benedetti, launches perfectly to Scioli network that tries the lob on goalkeeper Quartullo, full crossbar.

Two minutes later, Scioli again scares Quartullo by touching Giada Di Camillo's goal.
At 33 'is Vukcevic to support for Benedetti who pulls high. The indignant Vukcevic hits the head on 40 'on the free kick by Di Sebastiani, blocks the Quartullo ball.
Almost at the end of the first fraction of the game comes the doubling of Chieti: Giulia Di Camillo leaves on the wing, puts in the center where Benedetti serves Vukcevic very well who with a very rapid movement deceives an opponent and delivers a deadly diagonal that still pierces Quartullo. We then go to rest on 2-0 for the neroverdi.

Not even the time to resume the game that Chieti makes three of a kind after just twenty seconds from the referee's whistle: Scioli serves Carnival which puts Vukcevic at the center, stop and perfect shot and great goal.
At 4 'also comes poker with a masterful punishment of Giulia Di Camillo. Chieti is not at all satisfied with the result and continues to attack by touching the fifth goal in the 9th minute with Vukcevic whose shot is deflected for a corner by a defender. On the corner is then Giuliana head to send high.
At 12 'a very generous Scioli is anticipated by Quartullo in a timely exit.
The fifth goal, however, is only postponed for a few minutes. At 22 'Ferrazza turns towards the door with a spectacular overhead shot on which a defender touches with an arm, the referee has no doubts and assigns the penalty. Giulia Di Camillo with a nice gesture leaves the opportunity to go on the disk to the very young Di Sebastiano who turns to crowning a beautiful personal performance.

However, it did not end there because the neroverdi continue to push and touch the sixth mark several times.
Around half an hour Vukcevic has two chances, but in the first he finds the amazing response of Quartullo who deflects for a corner (on the corner then Ferrazza hits the head sending high) and in the second he sees Quartullo out of the posts and tries to mock her, but the goalkeeper is good at returning in time between the posts and blocking the ball. Nothing happens until the final whistle of the race director: Chieti runs towards the grandstand to celebrate a precious and important success in view of the demanding trip to Salento next Sunday.

Match sheet:

Chieti Women's Football - Rome XIV 5-0

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia (22 'st Seravalli), Di Camillo Giada, Ferrazza, Di Sebastiano, Benedetti (31' st Colecchi), Vukcevic, Di Camillo Giulia, Gangemi, Giuliana, Carnival, Scioli.
Available: De Vincentiis.
All .: Di Camillo Lello
Rome XIV: Quartullo, Rossi, Monti, De Luca (33 'st Guerrini), Gerardi (17' st Rodati), Di Carlo C. (25 'st Iommi), Pomponi, Di Vincenzo, Santacroce (25' Carnevali), Berardi (1 'st Panetta), Di Carlo A.
Available: Rice, Caponi, Archers, Latins.
All .:
Referee: Ancona hermit
Assistants: Alonzi and Colabianchi of Avezzano.
Ammonite: Gangemi
Goals: 10 'pt, 45' pt and 1 'st Vukcevic, 4' st Di Camillo Giulia, 22 'st Di Sebastiano (rig.).


“It was a good game. We prepared it well in the week. The coach has placed us at risk with a 4-4-2 with which the team has more security. The goals of the first half were important and then we closed the match by scoring our fastest goal of the season at the beginning of the second half.
After the result, he was made safe by playing with much more lightness, often also playing ball on the ground: this makes the difference in our performance. In general, football is better played if you phrasing among the players, but to do it there must be a good basic job. We try these things a lot in training, then when you feel good and physically everything is better.
We also made small mistakes, but since we got on the pitch well, we were able to get a piece. The ball game on the ground gives us an edge. In a very positive performance it is clear that then everything or almost everything turns at your best. Ferrazza, on the occasion of the penalty awarded to us, with his overthrow certainly deserved better fate, a real sin. There was also a crossbar of Scioli.
The big difference in a team is made by important personalities, we have them, see the three goals of Vukcevic, that of Giulia who could also have scored a brace, but then left the penalty to Antenisca with a beautiful gesture.

The girls take this courage: Antenisca, for example, is one of the girls who play the most, manages to play good games, the experience is for everyone. However, I stress the presence of these great personalities in our squad capable of dragging all the other girls.

Our youth sector is doing really well. We are laying a solid foundation at home for the future so in a few years we will not have to go fishing for all the players or almost all out of the region, but we will be able to make a team perhaps for the most part in the Theatine or in any case in our area that will have a strong attachment. to the shirt.

We are having good numbers: we have passed the thirty girls between Under and girls, we are doing a good job. The company is satisfied and we are truly happy.
The Under 15 team, removing the defeat against Pescara, would be full-scale and second in the standings, a position that would guarantee the passage of the round.
The Under 17 team is playing a good championship even though it is part of a group with great teams (there is also AS Roma, for example, which is ahead of us). They are all experiencing and this guarantees that, when it comes to drawing on some young girl to bring her to the first team, it can be done with greater peace of mind ".

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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