Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Apulia Trani falls on the field of Rome XIV

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The second day of ritono ends with the 1-0 defeat of Apulia Trani on the field of Roma XIV. First time in which the Tranese team is unable to take advantage of the numerous scoring chances presented. At 9 first ring of Apulia with the very young Vitobello serving Ventura who kicks but his shot goes off on the bottom.

Shortly after Dibenedetto after a series of dribbles in the area he loses the ball. At '24 Calabrese crosses for Vitobello who kicks weakly. Captain Delvecchio also tries on different punishments. At the end of the first half Dibenedetto is still making himself dangerous in the parts of Quartullo. The second half began and in 10 Dibenedetto served from the right Ventura who came close to the advantage.

Apulia remains in 10 for the expulsion of Corvasce. The home team tries to play their game and summons Mariano to '25 who makes a great save. At '29 comes the advantage of Rome after our unfavorable rebound. Eventful race. In the final bad intervention on Cottino that at the end of the game is transported to the local hospital. Undeserved defeat for Apulia Trani who would have deserved more for what he expressed on the pitch.


APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Corvasce, Cottino, Manzi ('16 st de Musso), Cagiano, Calabrese, Vitobello, Turco, Ventura, Dibenedetto. Available: Montrone, Andriolo, Carbone, Dibenedetto.R, Dellatte. Manager: Massimo Strippoli

ROME XIV DECIMOQUARTO: Quartullo, Rossi, Monti, De Luca, Gerardi, Di Carlo, Pomponi, De Vincenzo ('37 st Rodati), Berardi, Di Carlo, Panetta ('9 st Santacroce). Available: Rice, Archers, Iommi, Guerrini, Carnevali.

Recovery: 1 pt + 3 st
Expulsions: Corvasce (AT)

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