Wednesday, May 27 2020
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The ACF Alessandria falls in Parma which is approaching in the standings

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Even a draw would have been enough but the gray ones, albeit in 11 against 10, give the three points to Parma.
It was not the game that the coach Barbesino asked for, the gray inexplicably suffer even in numerical superiority and return home defeated by a goal to zero, Galvani marks the goal for Parma.

The match could have made the gray breathe in safety, 10 points would have been enough to make an important step in the championship, also considering the sumptuous defeat of Juventus against Como. Well, the absence of Chiara Mensi, sent off against Turin, felt like the precarious physical condition of Martina Luison, who had returned from an ankle injury and Sofia Bergaglia who continues to have a problem with her knee.
It seems that this Serie C does not want to give satisfaction to the Alexandrians who have to patch up some holes or deal with injuries at every game.
In short, the Alessandria team can only complain about the many injuries that have weakened the squad but during the match against Parma the gray team did everything alone, like the men's team against Olbia, after dominating they were unable to lead the race, even suffering the goals of the opponents. Mostly in numerical disadvantage after expulsion. By actually reopening the salvation discourse.

ACF ALESSANDRIA: Fara, Colombaro, Minato, Giorgianni, Lardo, Zanarotto, Luison, Barbesino, Garavelli, Orlandi, Bergaglia. Available: Pironti, Coppo, Tascheri, Pastorino, De Lio. Coach: Barbesino Luca

Paolo Baratto
Acf Alessandria press officer

Enrico Manassero
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