Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Lecce Women: a poker of goals to Sicula Leonzio to resume the march

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Lecce Women puts Palermo's misstep behind it with a well-deserved victory against one of the big names in the Serie C championship. The 4-0 with which the challenge of the municipality of Collepasso ended witnesses the progress of a match one way, dominated by the Giallorossi from start to finish. "The final result is also tight because we deserved to score a few more goals - underlines the coach Vera Indino -.

I expected a strong reaction from the girls after the bad performance of Palermo and punctual came against Catania. Beyond the result, I really appreciated the desire to express pleasant football, especially in the second half we built very nice choral actions. Now we don't have to rock, we have to work to try to do better and better in the rest of the season ".

On Sunday the Serie C championship will have a rest but Lecce Women will be on the pitch in Rome against Res Women in the knockout game of the Italian Cup quarter-finals. "We will do everything possible to go to the semifinals but it will not be easy at all since we will have a very good team in front of us with some outstanding individualities", warns Mr. Indino. In the event of a tie in the 90th minute, the penalty kicks will proceed directly. The team that will pass the round will face the winner of the match between Riccione and Pontedera in the semifinal.

Serie C - Fifteenth day

Lecce Women-Sicula Leonzio 4-0

Lecce Women: Raicu, Tirabassi, Polo (1 'st Felline), Guido, Costadura, De Benedetto, Durante (1' st Sozzo), Cucurachi, Cazzato (30 'st Vitti), D'Amico (35' st Maiorano), Coluccia (15 'st Chirizzi). On the bench Errico, Ouacif, Aprile, Lazoi. Vera Indino coach.

Sicula Leonzio: O rlando, Pietrini, Di Stefano, Signorelli, Agati (40 'st Aleo), Finocchiaro (43' st Militello), Di Mauro (39 'st Ma. Russo), Conticello (10' st Mo. Russo), Migneco, Pennisi, Ndiongue (28 'st Cinnirella). On the bench: Fazio, Sarao. Coach: Giuseppe Scuto.

Referee: Drigo di Portogruaro.

Markers: in 12 ', 30' D'Amico (L); in St. 14 'Guido (L); 22 'D'Amico penalty (L)

Notes: about two hundred spectators. Ammonite: Guido (L); Di Stefano (C). Recovery:

pt 2 '; st 4 '.

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