Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Parma celebrate their first victory and look ahead with optimism

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Parma Women, at the end of a capital test in the 2nd Round of the Women's National Serie C Championship, finally find their first victory (1-0 over Alexandria, Giulia Galvani's goal) which is worth double as the guests arriving on Field "B" in summary of the Sports Complex "Il Noce" in Noceto are direct competitors in the fight for salvation (third-last) and now the distance has come closer (4-7).

The Gialloblù start very strong and in the first 10 minutes they repeatedly shoot with Galvani, Fragni and Santirocci, but the Alexandrian defense, albeit in difficulty, manages to postpone any conclusion. At 13 'personal action of Galvani on the left, ball to Santirocco, but the shot is weak and Fara para. At 16 'corner of Baccanti for the rushing Frati: his full neck comes out a little. Parma is well coordinated and immediately recovers the ball with Galvani who enters the area and kicks to return, but the ball comes out a little. At 19 'the Piedmontese respond with Colombaro who seats Alfieri (but it will be the only time that will happen) and kicks a good ball that just passes the crossbar.

Parma backs slightly and Alexandria tries to surprise Galloni who in the 27th minute is perfect by tearing Luison's free-kick in the corner. Parma starts to attack again and at 31 'there is a splendid Santirocco / Galvani exchange on the left with the latter who, having entered the area, prefers to go over to his partner, Luison understands everything and frees the area. At 40 'Baccanti retrieves the ball on the trocar Colombaro jumps and shoots from 30 meters, the ball deflected by Fara hits the crossbar.

In the second half the Crusades immediately begin to attack and go to the shooting already after 40 seconds with Boselli (deflected). At 2 'st the goal seems to be done: Boselli vertical for Santirocco who jumps Orlandi, enters the area and with the left-handed seeks the second post, Fara is amazing in putting in the corner. At 8 'st Galvani gets rid of Lardo, but kicks out; same fate for Pizzola's conclusion two minutes later. At 15 'st arrives the liberating goal: it marks Giulia Galvani who solves a scrum inside the area. Not even the time to cheer and the Crusades are in 10: Scaffardi is booked for the second time (the second yellow is very contested) and, sent off, must leave the field. Despite one less player Parma continues to attack and at 25 'Fara bravely manages to remove the ball from Alfieri's head on the second post.

Parma withdraws and the Piedmontese push forward in search of a draw. Galloni saves the result on two occasions: at 42 'st when she is very ready to recover on a deviation from Barbesino and at 44' st with a perfect exit on De Lio's feet. At 45 'the referee restores parity with the expulsion of Lardo, guilty of having offended a yellow-blue player. After 7 interminable minutes of recovery, the referee sends them all to the locker room and Parma can finally celebrate for the first 3 seasonal points, even if Santirocco will be shown the red card after the match is over. Previously also dismissed the assistant coach Matteo Zanacca.

Marker: 15 'st Galvani

PARMA - Gallons; Pollini, Alfieri; Boselli, Scaffardi, Frati; Fragni (Cap.), Baccanti, Santirocco, Galvani (37 ′ st Pizzera), Pizzola (20 ′ st Naummi). Royal All
Available: 12. Radishes; 13. Armao, 17. Chickpeas, 18. Punzi

ALESSANDRIA - Fara; Orlandi, Lardo; Giorgianni, Minato, Luison; Bergaglia, Colombaro (21 ′ st De Lio), Garavello, Barbesino (Cap.), Zanarotto (41 ′ st Pastorino). All. Barbesino
Available: 14. Coppo, 17. Tascheri

Referee: Mr. Fabrizio Carsenzuola of the AIA Section of Legnano

Assistants: Sigg. Adelke and Colagrande of Piacenza

Expelled: Scaffardi (double yellow card), Santirocco (unsportsmanlike conduct), Lardo (offensive phrases against the opponent) and assistant coach Matteo Zanacca for protests

Ammonite: Scaffardi, Fragni, Naummi, Bergaglia

Recovery: 1 '+ 7'

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