Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The Biancorosse win and consolidate leadership

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The triumphal march of Vicenza continues!
Against Spal he ends 6 to 1 for the Biancorosse, with the brace of Dal Bianco and the goals of Ferrati, Carradore, De Vincenzi and Sossella. A game managed wonderfully against an opponent who, despite the position in the standings, was able to organize good starts, also managing to find the goal, with a penalty by Pirani.

The start is balanced: both teams sting, but neither of them manages to break through.

For the first shot in the mirror we have to wait for the 9 ': Ferrati focuses and shoots from outside the area, but his conclusion is central and Da Ronche blocks without too much difficulty.

It is only the prelude to the goal, which arrives in the 10th minute, with a two-touch action: the ball reaches Ferrati on the right of the area, the number 16 stops the ball and serves Dal Bianco in the center, which stops and Left sends the ball to the right corner.

Big risk for the Biancorosse on 13 ': a ball arrives in Fratini, alone in the area, but the striker from Ferrara cannot take advantage of the opportunity.

At 18 'Ferrati is launched on the net, but Da Ronche is quick and anticipates her out.

A minute after Vicenza's masterful restart, Yeboaa enters the area from the right and puts in the middle, but Ferrati gets ahead and fails to conclude.

At 21 'the 2 to 0: Yeboaa controls the ball through the central streets, separates himself and serves a filtering ball in the area, Ferrati enters like a missile and with a diagonal low shot he pierces the goalkeeper.

The 3 to 0 arrives on the 26 ': Yeboaa is quick to get rid of the defender and enter the area keeping possession along the bottom line, and then put a ball in the middle on which De Vincenzi does not arrive. The ball leaves the area, where Carradore arrives in the race, who pierces the goalkeeper with a torpedo.

At 34 'poker: Yeboaa from the right is very good at sowing a defender, to then put a remote controlled cross that ends directly on the right of De Vincenzi, who on the fly overcomes Da Ronche. Excellent performance for Chiara, who seems to have completely recovered from the injury that has kept her off the field for several days.

At 38 ', on a restart, De Vincenzi centrally serves Ferrati, who exploits the prairie in front of him to present himself near the door, but his shot ends up slightly high.

The goal from 5 to 0 in the 39th minute: Yeboaa sows panic on the right, and puts a nice filtering ball into the area. A white-blue defender seems clearly ahead on the ball, but Dal Bianco is very good and manages to stretch his leg, with the ball overtaking Da Ronche. Double figures also for Lisa this season: she is the third best red and white scorer together with Basso, behind Ferrati and Yeboaa.

In the second half, both teams enter the field with determination.

At 53 'Fratini starts on a solitary counterattack and reaches the edge of the area, Perobello stops her as she can: for the referee Nuzzi is penalty. Pirani appears on the spot: his shot is intercepted by Dalla Via, who only manages to fiddle and the ball ends up the same in the net: it is 5 to 1.

At 63 'Olivieri, already admonished, conspicuously holds Yeboaa at the edge of the area: the referee draws the second yellow card and expels her.

At 65 'Sossella scored the definitive 6 to 1. Punishment from the limit, the number 2 invented a diversion that exceeds the goalkeeper in the first post.

At 68 'the ball arrives in Frighetto, which coordinates and ends well: the crossbar says no; a minute later Yeboaa's powerful shot ends up out of nowhere.

At 78 'Missiaggia is seen from the parts of the area, but his shot ends high.

At 80 'splendid offensive maneuver: perfect passage of Sossella for Carradore, in the area, which stops and gives it to Basso. The number 9, returning from the injury, the discharge behind for the current Maddalena, his shot is intercepted by the goalkeeper.

Ends 6 to 1 for Vicenza. The Biancorosse win and convince, obtaining a result that, net of the opportunities created, could even have been wider.

The girls can therefore stretch on the competitors, thanks to the draws of Brixen and Unterland, but now it's Cup time, with a big challenge at the gates: Brescia will arrive at the Baracca on Sunday, for the quarter-finals of the Italian Serie C Cup.


SPAL Academy - Vicenza Women's Football 1-6
Markers: 10 'and 39' Dal Bianco (V); 21 'Ferrati (V); 26 'Carradore (V); 34 'De Vincenzi (V); 54 'penalty Pirani (S); 65' Sossella (V)


From Ronche, Luciani (46 'Olivieri), Visconti, Grassi (C), Pirani (81' Natilla), Esquilli, Braga, Faccioli, Carbone (Braga F.), Gozzi, Fratini (73 'Bizzo)

Available: Rolfini

Att. Malagolini Max


Dalla Via, Sossella, Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro (62 'Menon), Yeboaa, Carradore, Rigon (46' Perobello), Dal Bianco (70 'Basso), Ferrati (67' Favero), Maddalena, De Vincenzi (62 ' Frighetto)

Available: Bianchi, Pizzolato

All. Dori Cristian

Referee: Nuzzo di Seregno

Assistants: Perfetti and Colucci of Ferrara

Recovery: 0 '; 3 '

Ammonite: Fratini (S); Perobello (V); Olivieri (S)

Expelled: Olivieri (S)


Spal Academy - Vicenza 1-6

Atletico Oristano - Brescia 0-4

Cortefranca Calcio - Trento Clarentia 1-1

Isera - San Paolo 1-1

Padua - Unterland Damen 1-1

Sudtirol Damen BZ - Gordige 2-0

Venice - Brixen Obi 1-1


Vicenza 41

Brixen Obi 34

Brescia 33

Unterland Damen 33

Cortefranca Calcio 27

Venezia 26

Trento Clarentia 25

Padua 25

Gordige 18 (* 1 game less)

Isera 11

Spal 10 Academy

Sudtirol Damen BZ 9

Atletico Oristano 1 (* 2 games less)

San Paolo 0 (* 1 game less)

Photo: Marco Bedin

Francesco Brun

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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