Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The first home victory comes: Arezzo - Jesina 3 - 2

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AREZZO- The first three points arrive in front of the Arezzo public for the girls of the Arezzo Calcio Women who on the twelfth day of the National Serie C Championship manage to beat Jesina thanks to the goals of Verdi, Gwiazdowska and Arzedi. In the final Modesti Chiara tries to reopen the game on a penalty kick, but the Arezzo team manages to resist until the triple whistle.

ACF Arezzo - Jesina. After the knockout gained last week against La Spezia, Arezzo takes the field in another guise: Antonelli on goal, a four-man defense consisting of Gonzi, Orsi, Carleschi and Razzoli; in midfield Arzedi and Verdi with Gwiazdowska and Mencucci on the wings while Mazzini backs Paganini in attack. Jesina starts immediately with a sprint, strong in the position in the standings and 5-0 in the first leg between the two teams, with Tamburini going very close to the net. But from the first corner of the game, Arezzo passes: cross in the middle of Mencucci, Verdi detaches undisturbed inside the area and scores the 1-0! The advantage gives the home team a bit of breath from the pressing of the opposing trident formed by Tamburini, Fontana and Paolini.

But the high center of gravity of the opposing team succeeds many times in blocking the advance of Arezzo and from a recovered ball comes the goal of the draw: Tamburini goes solo and starts from the edge of the area a poisonous left that ends directly under the cross of the poles! Arezzo remains faithful to its playing style, often looking for Mencucci and Gwiazdowska on the wings, but the first fraction of time ends with the result of perfect equality. In the second half the home team changed dramatically and in ten minutes made two winning tap-ins: the first after four minutes was signed by Gwiazdowska, able to believe until the end on a ball and to push it into the net with a tip scarpino, while Arzedi made the 3-1 after a double rejection by Generali!

The two networks galvanize the girls from Arezzo who no longer let Jesina arrive from Antonelli's sides: in the middle of the field Verdi and Arzedi are unsurpassed while Gwiazdowska and Mazzini run in pressure on all fronts of the pitch but a mention also goes to the defense , precise and careful on each ball. The host formation tries with the changes to break the game but Arezzo is still very close to the net with two conclusions from Mazzini and Gwiazdowska who finish out of very little. Four minutes from the end, a small deflection of the home team conceded a penalty to Jesina: Modesti Chiara made no mistake from the spot, reopening the game. On the final forcing the Arezzo holds the impact with determination and character and, at the triple whistle, can celebrate for the first three points won at home which are worth the third victory of the season.

ACF Arezzo - Jesina = 3-2

Scorers: 8 'Verdi (Ar) 30' Tamburini (Je) 49 'Gwiazdowska and 53' Arzedi (Ar) 86 'Modesti Chiara (Je)

ACF Arezzo: Antonelli, Gonzi (90 'Pieri), Orsi, Carleschi, Razzoli, Arzedi, Verdi (80' Baracchi), Gwiazdowska, Mazzini (73 'Fanciulli), Mencucci, Paganini (65' Casini). Available: Ruotolo, Cartarasa, Pisces

Jesina: Generali, Picchio, Crocioni, Battistoni, Paolini (69 'Modesti Chiara), Gambini (83' Zambonelli), Fontana, Coacci (76 'Mosca), Tamburini, Rossetti (66' Modesti Aurora), Verdini (66 'Durante) TO
arrangement: Latins, Cascone, Scarponi.

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