Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Chieti yields to leaders Pomigliano

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Chieti Calcio Women lose after a very good performance against the leaders Pomigliano at the Antistadio of Francavilla al Mare. The neroverdi play an excellent match keeping the field well and holding the impact against the listed opponents for most of the ninety minutes: after a first half finished 1-1, the match changes at the beginning of the second and then ends on 5-2 for guests flying at 38 points in the standings with a good seven ahead of the second Palermo.

It was a game in which Mister Lello Di Camillo's team would certainly have deserved at least a draw for what they saw on the pitch. Now we must immediately raise our heads from the next trip to Bellante.
Chieti sides with the same eleven who beat Catanzaro.

The news opens on the 3 'with Vecchione leaning for E. Russo who concludes just high.
Carnival responds, which, cited by a precise cross by Giuliana, weakly hits the head in the arms of Del Pizzo. At 14 'Pomigliano takes the lead: Konstantopoulou throws deep for Vecchione who gets rid of a defender's strength and beats Falcocchia reliably.

Chieti reacts well and at 19 'has the opportunity to equalize with Vukcevic who, alone in a good position in the area, hits the head but the ball ends up directly in the hands of Del Pizzo.
At 22 'nice speed action of the hosts: Giada Di Camillo serves Vukcevic who serves the running Giulia Di Camillo, but his conclusion ends high.
At 23 'quick restart of Pomigliano with Galluccio who puts the ball in the center, Falcocchia blocks in two stages. A minute later Chieti draws: on Giuliana's cross the defense rejects the ball that arrives on the feet of Carnival which leaves a great first-intention shot from distance and puts in the net between the general exultation. Pomigliano immediately returns to the attack and at 27 'has the ball to go ahead: punishment struck suddenly by L. Esposito who fishes very well Vecchione, the latter anticipates the neroverde defense but pulls to the side from an excellent position. A minute later it is still L. Esposito to scare Falcocchia with a shot from the top of the area that ends not far from the intersection of the poles.

At 39 'is Giulia Di Camillo to conclude from the edge of the area, but Del Pizzo blocks without worries.
You go to the locker room on 1-1 after a decidedly balanced first half of the game.
The second half began with a cross-shot from Vukcevic in the 1 'which touched the crossbar giving the illusion of the goal.
At 5 'is Scioli to try from the edge, high ball. In the 8th minute Pomigliano took the lead: on a corner Galluccio headed hit the crossbar, the ball returned to the field and Apicella, stationed a stone's throw from the door, reiterated the goal. Two minutes later the third goal was also scored by the guests thanks to an unfortunate goal by Benedetti who hit the head and unfortunately put the ball in the neroverde goal.
At 18 'a goal was canceled to the guests for a check with Galluccio's arm at the time of the shot.
The fourth goal, however, is postponed only slightly because at 20 'Vecchione signs the personal brace with an external touch that mocks Falcocchia.

Chieti is hard to die and shortens the distance in the 24th minute with Giada Di Camillo good at reiterating the net after the crossbar hit by Giulia Di Camillo on a free kick shot from a considerable distance. It is the goal of hope for the neroverdi who at that moment see the comeback possible.
Four minutes later an occasion for Chieti: Fischer puts in the center an inviting ball for Vukcevic who from an excellent position, however, fails to impact the best of the head and the ball ends out.
At 34 'still Vukcevic launched to the net is stopped by the flag raised by the linesman for an offside position appeared to many non-existent.
The hopes of recovering the result for the neroverdi, however, are definitively closed at 41 'when Galluccio flies towards the door, still in a doubtful position, and cold Falcocchia with a precise diagonal on the opposite pole. Nothing happens until the end: 5-2 ends for Pomigliano, the honor of arms at Chieti for scaring the leaders who managed to take home the three points.

Match sheet:

Chieti Calcio Calcio - Pomigliano 2-5
Goals: 14 'pt and 20' st Vecchione, 24 'pt Carnival, 8' st Apicella, 10 'st Benedetti (aut.), 24' st Di Camillo Giada, 41 'st Galluccio.

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Gangemi, Giuliana, Carnival (31 'st Di Sebastiano), Scioli.
Available: Seravalli ,, De Vincentiis, Di Domizio, Lacentra, Colecchi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Pomigliano: Del Pizzo, Apicella, Lombardi, Russo M., Catgiu, Russo E. (18 'st Esposito E.), Esposito V., Galluccio (42' st Asimoni), Esposito L., Vecchione, Konstantopoulou (18 'st Petraglia).
Available: Fierro, Parretta, La Manna, Ferrara, Miroballo, Iannotta.
All .: Diana Pietro

Referee: Grieco from Ascoli Piceno
Assistants: Ragona di Vasto and Colanzi di Lanciano.

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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