Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Equal to white nets between Apulia Trani and Pescara

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The 1st day of return ends with a 0-0 draw between Apulia Trani and Pescara. The first half begins with the hosts who immediately shake up the match. At 16 Chiapperini touches the advantage with a great heel strike which is rejected by Dilettuso. At '25 a foul intervention on Corvasce who is forced to change. At '37, double chance for Dibenedetto, also close to the network. In the end from a corner in our favor Turkish kicks high over the crossbar.

Start the second half and the Tranese team raises the rhythm and the pressure. Captain Delvecchio on the 7th takes a free kick from the trocar, Dilettuso para.

At '17 Manzi crossed for Ventura who made a powerful shot that Dilettuso deflected for a corner. After a few minutes another foul intervention on Chiapperini who suffers a violent blow to the head, forced to go out on a stretcher. Apulia does not give up, on the contrary, it pushes even more. Dibenedetto you have the goal of the advantage on your feet but can not score, only bad luck for the striker from Barletta. We also emphasize the excellent performance of Dellatte who is in his second game played and who has shown high technical-tactical skills both in the offensive and in the defensive phase. An eventful match ending, with Captain Delvecchio suffering an impetuous foul from behind, who sees her leave the pitch on a stretcher. During the game the Tranese team underwent several heavy and foul interventions not sanctioned as usual. Despite everything, congratulations to our girls who never stopped fighting, never gave up, playing the final minutes in 10 and with three injured girls. Numerous actions have been created and if victory has not come, it is only bad luck. We certainly would never want to see what happened yesterday on the pitch because sportiness is one of the cornerstones of our society. The girls are writing a beautiful page in a story that can only improve. We must not give up because we are on the right path to take satisfaction in the future and that are already coming. 5th consecutive positive result for Mister Strippoli who is satisfied with the game expressed so far and is optimistic for the continuation of the championship.

APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Tucci, Delvecchio, Corvasce ('28 pt Vitobello - '14 st Dellatte), Turco, Chiapperini ('20 de Musso), Manzi, Calabrese, Ventura, Dibenedetto. Available: Carbone, Albino, Montrone, Dibenedetto.R, Tortosa. Manager: Massimo Strippoli

Ammonites: Fiucci (P), Di Tullio (P), Taverna (P), Bartolucci (P).
Referee: Signor Serani from the L'Aquila section. 1st assistant: Tower of the Barletta section. 2nd assistant: Saint of the Barletta section.

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