Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Crazy Trento, in ten overturns the result and beats Spal 2 to 1

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Trento returns to victory after two days of fasting and prevails for 2 to 1 on a combative Spal. The Ferrara team started strong and managed to take the lead with Pirani, then gaining numerical superiority with the expulsion of Bertamini. The Gialloblù, however, do not give up and reverse the situation with a brace from Tonelli.

For the challenge with Spal, mister Pavan changes some interpreters compared to the last exit and sets up from the beginning Varrone, Bertamini, Torresani and Tononi, instead keeping initially at rest Rosa and the acciaccata Daprà on all. The team does not seem to have amalgam problems and, after only two minutes, knocks on Spal's door. Poli grinds the right wing and serves Alessandra Tonelli in the center of the area but the attacker fails to angle favoring the intervention of the extreme defender. The response of the biancoazzurre is not long in coming and, after just one round of hands, Fratini recovers the ball in a dangerous position and kicks immediately enhancing the reflexes of Valzolgher who deflects for a corner. At 10 'the attempt by Rovea on the development of a corner is not successful, while the second lunge of the Spal leaves no way out for the hosts: Pirani attacks the depth well behind the Trentino defense and, after receiving the ball on the wire offside, Valzolgher beats face to face by signing the advantage spallino. The hit and answer continues even after the guest goal and Trento immediately tries to catch the race, but Poli's sub-measure deviation on Tonelli's assist does not frame the mirror slightly. Key episode at 23 ': Bertamini intervenes with a little too much enthusiasm on Fratini launched at the net and the referee penalizes the foul with a red card, but it remains to be assessed whether Bertamini was actually the last defender in the game to reach the ball. The numerical inferiority does not discourage Trento who, in ten minutes, draws: Alessandra Tonelli receives on the race directly from Valzolgher, she disentangles herself in the midst of three opponents and beats Da Ronche with a great shot that is worth one by one. Tonelli herself serves the encore a little later, thanks to the gross error of the goalkeeper who slips the weak conclusion of the yellow-blue all-rounder out of hand.

The recovery is of the Trentino brand and Poli wastes two great chances to triple, concluding slightly to the side from an excellent position in both cases.

Spal struggles to react, while Trento manages to make themselves dangerous again with Tonelli engaging Da Ronche in the corner. It is the last minute of an exciting race, honorably fought by both teams and won by the team that created the most dangers. The current seventh place does not allow the Gialloblù to relax but the victory with Spal in numerical inferiority will certainly be an injection of confidence in view of the next challenges.

NETS: 12'pt Pirani (S), 33'pt and 39'pt A. Tonelli (T).

TRENTO: Valzolgher, Varrone, Bertamini, Ruaben, Lucin, Fuganti, Torresani, Poli (30'st Pasqualini), Tononi (1'st L. Tonelli), A. Tonelli, Rovea (25'st Rosa).
Available: Callegari, Chierchia, Regini, Sofia, Maurina, Daprà.
Coach: Libero Pavan

SPAL: From Ronche, Luciani, Visconti, Sattin, Grassi, Pirani, Filippini, Braga, Faccioli, Gozzi, Fratini.
Available: Rolfini, Esquilli, Carbone, Natilla.
Coach: Max Malagolini

REFEREE: Okret of Gradisca D'Isonzo

NOTES: Bertamini expelled at 23'pt.

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