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The rossoblù return to victory by conquering the field of the Griffon Gialloverde

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After the draw in Bologna which curbed the triumphal march of Sassari Torres, the rossoblùs return to victory by conquering the Roman field of the Grifone Gialloverde.
The Sassaresi maintain the gap of three points from Pontendera (with one race less), victorious in the difficult away game against Res Women.

The match report:

Primo Tempo

3 'at the first opportunity we immediately take the lead with Maria Grazia Ladu with a great shot from the edge that bags under the crossbar 1-0!
10 'of play, another beautiful red and blue action: launch of Sotgiu for Ladu who with a half-overturned serves Dasara in the area, who does not arrive on the ball by a whisker, anticipated by a decisive exit from the opposing goalkeeper!
At 25 'comes the first opportunity of the Griffin: punishment of the yellow-green from the edge of the air Antonilli, high ball on the crossbar.
30 'free kick from Ferrer's trocar, the ball arrives on Ladu's feet who kicks on goal, weak shot and easy save of the yellow-green number 1
31 'GOAAAL of Torres! From the right wing the beautiful cross by Maria Grazia Ladu who finds the head of Jelena Marenic! 0-2 and 12th league goal for the Serbian
40 'corner for Torres, Tumane heads her for Ladu who kicks but misses the goal

Second half

First minutes of play and immediately Torres opportunity, great acceleration of Ladu and Dasara, quick exchange between the two, Dasara goes to the shot on goal blocked by a nice save by the goalkeeper
6 'restart of the Griffon on the counterattack stopped by Tola's tactical foul. The yellow-green captain goes from 30 meters, a strong but central shot saved by Savickaite!
7 'this time rossoblù restart on the right wing Marenic goes to the bottom of the field, jumps an opponent and crosses in the area for Dasara, who starts a great right: saved!
8 'always Torres, Ladu starts centrally and serves Marenic who from a secluded position kicks on goal, shot blocked by the nth save of the goalkeeper!
12 'minute of play: Ferrer tries with a nice lob from distance, the ball is not very high on the crossbar!
13 'excellent combination between Ladu and Dasara, who frees himself for the shot: deflected by a defender and corner!
After 15 minutes of play the people of Sassari continue to have the ball of the game trying in every way to close the game. To report a nice punishment of our captain Congia from 18 meters just to the side.
20 'other dangerous action of the rossoblù, on the right wing from Sondore's foot a cross starts in the middle of the opposing area, Ferrer tries with a half-inverted, slightly to the side. Eurogoal touched!
35 'Torres always ahead for two goals to zero. To signal a sensational pole of Marenic, who after having skipped the goalkeeper his shot is printed on the wood. The same Serbian a few minutes later will ask for a change for a small ankle trouble. In its place Silvia Iannetti.
40 'PENALTY KICK TORRES: from eleven meters goes Flavia Lombardo, her right hand bags into the net! 0-3! Game closed.

After 5 minutes of recovery, the match between the Grifone Gialloverde and Torres Feminine ends. The Sassaresi rise to 32 points after 12 days with a booty of 10 wins and two draws.

Yellow-green griffin: De Angelis, Conti, Fairies, Fiore, Boar, Saccoman, Bevilacqua, Antonilli, Piermattei, Giuliani, Forgnone.
Available: Antonelli, Iuliano, Vicini, Rotelli, Omerovic, Onori, Bannoni

Sassari Torres Female: Savickaite; Sondore, Congia, Tola, Tumane; Sotgiu, Ferrer, Lombardo; Ladu, Dasara, Marenic.
Available: Iannetti, Farris, Borg

In photo by Maria Grazia Ladu

Fabrizio Contini

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