Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Riccione defeat in Tuscany remains in third place in the ranking

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Second consecutive defeat for Riccione, who lost 2-1 on the San Miniato pitch, shortening the distance with Abouziane in response to the double advantage of the Tuscans.
By virtue of this result, the white-blue team remains third in the standings on an equal footing with the Res Women, despite not going through an extraordinary period of form in which it has collected three defeats and two draws in the last five games; in this regard, the stop comes as appropriate to recharge the energies and find the right stimuli.

The chronicle of the race
At 2 'shot by Marcattili, countered by an opposing player; on the 3 'shot on goal by Amaduzzi A. saved by the opposing defender; at 10 'Tata's oversized shot; at 19 'Cirri's conclusion saved by Giorgi; at 23 'Cirri tries again without success; on the 24 'oversize conclusion of Abouziane; at 25 'great shot by Perone who left-handed around the intersection of the poles with the ball that laps the pole and ends out; on the 27th minute I pull Antolini's door out of the mirror; at 29 'occasional Riccione with Rodriguez's free kick from the offensive trocar and the header by Antolini who shoots from 5 meters high; at 31 'shot on goal by Perone that hits the crossbar from the edge of the penalty area with the goalkeeper beaten; at 32 'Della Chiara tries a shot on goal; at 34 'oversized shot by Abouziane; at 40 'pole of the Tuscan with Cirri; on 45 'Cirri shot on goal again without success with the teams going at the interval in the locker room on the score 0-0.
In the second half in the 54th minute, Gostoli's oversized shot; at 57 'San Miniato takes the lead with Gangi; at 64 'shot on goal by Antolini; at 66 'doubling of the Tuscan with Cirri; at 77 'Abouziane shortens the distances for Romagna; at 89 'shot out of Marcattili; after six minutes of recovery the referee whistles the end of hostilities decreeing the victory of San Miniato over Riccione 2-1.
Now long stop for group C, which will be back on the field on 9 February with the matches of the second day of return with the Romagna players who will be involved at home in the derby with Bologna; the previous week, on February 2, the meeting of the Italian Cup quarter-finals with Pontedera is scheduled.
Here are the post-race declarations of Mr. Migani: “We are going through a period in which we are not brilliant, the consolation remains of having remained third in the standings despite being regretted for having wasted an opportunity to relaunch and keep up with the top teams; in the first half we weren't good at finalizing three or four clear goals from the net that would have allowed us to end the first game with our opponents who, in the second half, were then cynical and ruthless to score the only balls goal create. "

San Miniato - Women's Asd Riccione 2-1
San Miniato (Nardi, Cirri, Meattini, Tamburini, Casula, Gangi (71 'Sulo), Tata, Solazzo, Toppi, Binazzi, Mascilli Migliorini (63' Gnisci)
Women's Asd Riccione: (Giorgi, Amaduzzi A (63 'Barocci), Amaduzzi M. (63' Dominici), Gostoli (82 'Sommella), Rodriguez, Della Chiara, Perone (72' Ciavatta), Magnani, Abouziane, Antolini, Marcattili
Ammonite: Antolini, Barocci, Gnisci, Binazzi, Nardi, Dominici

Serie C group C
12th day (before return)
Res Women-Pontedera 2-3
Gialloverde-Torres Griffin 0-3
Pistoiese-Imolese 5-4
Arezzo-Jesina 3-2
San Miniato-Riccione 2-1
Bologna-Spezia 0-2

32 Towers
Pontedera 29
Riccione, Res Women 20
Pistoiese 19
Jesina 18
16 spice
San Miniato 14
Arezzo 13
Bologna 11
Griffon 7
Imolese 1
Pontedera and Spezia 1 race less
Female Asd Riccione, press release

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