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Bad luck and carelessness condemn Lecce Women on equal terms

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Lecce Women return to Trani with a draw that is very close to the Giallorossi formation. The girls trained by Vera Indino in fact would have deserved to win the entire stake and would have hit the target if the bad luck had not raged on Lecce. Suffice it to say that during the ninety minutes of the game, in which it was practically always played in the half field of the Tranese team, Lecce Women was stopped three times by the woods of the biancazzurra goal.

The extreme defender Mariano was in fact pardoned on the shots thrown by Cazzato, Tirabassi and Cucurachi, all rejected by the crossbar, with the goalkeeper beaten.

At the goal scored at the beginning of the second half by Cazzato, skilled to exploit an assist by Guido, and to put the goalkeeper down before bagging in the door which was left unattended, the Chiaanese tranian replied in the final, who took advantage of a defensive error by the Giallorossi to give his team a draw hitherto unexpected. "Hitting a goal on the only shot on goal immediately throughout the game really makes you angry - said the coach Vera Indino -. I am especially sorry for the girls who are the protagonists of a very good performance despite the numerous absences and a playing field We must not forget that we faced Trani without Coluccia, Sozzo, Errico, Viva, Ruggio while our captain, D'Amico, entered the field only seven minutes from the end due to muscle problems. On that ground it would have been suicidal to have her play from the beginning. However, I am happy with the performance of our young girls, Alessandra Polo, from 2005, in her second presence as a starter, and Sara Chirizzi, born in 2003, making her debut in 11-a-side football. ".

Next Sunday, in the first round of the second round, Lecce Women will be engaged away from Ludos Palermo.

Apulia Trani-Lecce Women 1-1

Apulia Trani: Mariano, Cagiano, Chiapperini, Corvasce, Delvecchio, Di Benedetto, Turco, Calabrese, Cottino (5 'st Dellatte), Tucci, Ventura (40' st Manzi). On the bench: De Musso, Montrone, Vitobello, Tortosa, Carbone, Albino. Coach Massimo Strippoli.

Lecce Women: Raicu, Felline, Tirabassi, Orefice (22 'st Durante), Polo (37' st D'Amico), Guido, Cucurachi, De Benedetto, Costadura, Cazzato, Margari (15 'st Chirizzi). On the bench: Lazoi, Maiorano, Ouacif, Vitti, Aprile, Risola. Vera Indino coach.

Referee: Romans of Isernia.

Markers: 2 'st Cazzato (L); 36 'st Chiapperini (T).

Notes: one hundred spectators. Ammonite: Corvasce and Manzi (T).

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