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Vicenza, four feats spread the Gordige

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Third consecutive 4 to 0 for Vicenza, this time against Gordige. With the brace from Maddalena and the goals by Ferrati and Dal Bianco, the Biancorosse close the first half in the best way. A result obtained in a heavy field, against a very physical team, which tried in every way to stem the assaults of the Vicenza area.

Vicenza immediately aggressive. The first thrill on the 4 ': on a corner of Vicenza Sivieri misses the exit, but Carradore cannot take advantage of it. At 20 'the captain of Gordige Balasso is forced to leave the field for a clash with Ferrati: a big good luck goes to her for a speedy recovery.

At 17 'Yeboaa juggles the edge of the area and serves Maddalena on the right, but his shot is too high. The Biancorosse in the first phase are pressing, but a little imprecise, and the actions fade; vice versa, the Gordige defends and clears.

To unlock the result it takes a magic from Yeboaa: on the 26 ', from the right, he jumps the opponent with a cheering veronica and puts in for Maddalena, who angles well with the left and passes the goalkeeper. Vicenza insists: two minutes later Ferrati draws Dal Bianco alone on the left, his shot is rejected for a corner by Sivieri. At 35 'Maddalena sees the cut of Dal Bianco and serves her, but her stop is not the best and the action fades.

The teams seem destined for the locker room on 0 to 1, but two other feats change the result: at 48 ', on the development of a free kick, the ball arrives at Ferrati at the edge of the area, which coordinates beautifully and pierces the goalkeeper.

Not even the time to celebrate that, two minutes later, on a corner of Sossella beaten out of the area, Maddalena bullies the ball and, in counterbalance, starts a missile on which Sivieri can do nothing.

In the second half Vicenza starts back on the attack.

At 54 'a cross by Sossella risks ending up in the net, but the ball comes out just a little.

A minute later Pomi is face to face with the goalkeeper, but Sivieri is very good at making up for a corner.

The situation follows that of the first half of the first half: Vicenza attacks but misses the measures, Gordige recovers and sweeps.

At 62 'also Giandoso has to leave on the pitch for a bad injury. Her best wishes for a speedy recovery too!

At 70 'the new purchase from the Aurora Favero Citadel enters.

At 76 'Vicenza definitively closes the game: Maddalena is disruptive and gets a free kick on the right edge of the area. The beat is assigned to Dal Bianco, who with a left foot shot turns the goalkeeper into his post.

Vicenza is confirmed for the umpteenth time, and proves to deserve the title of winter champion: the Biancorosse have the best attack with 53 goals scored and also the strongest defense, with just 3 conceded. In defense, Captain Aurora Missiaggia can boast 1170 minutes of consecutive presence, having never been replaced. The top scorer of the tournament is also a Biancorossa: Francysca Yeboaa, with 16 goals.

There is no time to catch his breath: the second round opens on Sunday, and Vicenza will host Sudtirol at Baracca.


Gordige Calcio Girls - Vicenza Calcio 0-4


Bianchi, Sossella, Missiaggia (C), Menon, Yeboaa, Carradore (46 'Pomi), Frighetto, Rigon (62' Pegoraro), Dal Bianco, Maddalena, Ferrati (70 'Favero)

Available: Dalla Via, Basso, Piovani, De Vincenzi

All. Dori Cristian


Sivieri, Candiani (49 'Conventi), Manin, Giandoso (62' Altafini), Pivetta, Melato, Bondesan, Bianchini, Guglielmo, Balasso (C) (20 'Pizzo), Favaro

Att. Astolfi Kenny

Referee: Di Aldo from Finale Emilia

Assistants: D'Angelo and Vettorello di Chioggia

Recovery: 4 ', 3'

Markers: 27 'and 45' + 5 Maddalena, 45 '+ 3 Ferrati, 76' Dal Bianco

Ammonite: Favero (V)


Brescia - Spal Academy 7-0

Brixen Obi - Atletico Oristano 7-2

Cortefranca Calcio - Venice 1-1

Gordige - Vicenza 0-4

San Paolo - Padua 0-1

Trento Clarentia - Isera 3-3

Unterland Damen - Sudtirol Damen BZ 4-1


Vicenza 35

Unterland Damen 31

Brixen Obi 30

Brescia 27

Venezia 24

Padua 24

Cortefranca Calcio 23

Trento Clarentia 21

Gordige 18

Spal 10 Academy

Isera 8

Sudtirol Damen BZ 6

Atletico Oristano 1

San Paolo 0

Photo: Marco Bedin

Francesco Brun

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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