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A determined Chieti bends a good Catanzaro

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A victory was needed at Chieti Calcio Donna after two consecutive defeats in the derby against Pescara and the Free Girls: she arrived against Catanzaro with a bombastic 6-2 in a match that has never been in question. The neroverdi entered the field with the right mentality and put the result safe in the first half ended 4-0 and then increased the score in the second, albeit also suffering two goals. In the end it ended 6-2 for the girls of Mister Lello Di Camillo who thus return to climb positions in the standings reaching Pescara at 22 points in fifth place.

The initial training of Chieti sees the return as the owner of Gangemi: in the end his test will be excellent, enriched also by a network.
It starts immediately in the sign of the hosts who touch the advantage in the 2 'with a header to the side of very little of Benedetti on a cross by Giada Di Camillo.
The goal is in the air and arrives on time in the 7th minute: free kick from Giulia Di Camillo's wing, Ferrazza's imperious header that puts the ball at the crossroads.
Chieti insists and finds doubling in the 10th minute: fast exchange Fischer-Scioli - Vukcevic, the latter from an impossible position marks an authentic Eurogol aiming the ball in the opposite seven.
At 18 'Verrino on a free kick calls to the parade on the ground Falcocchia.
Six minutes later it is Vukcevic, among the best on the pitch, to wreak havoc in the Calabrian defense, it is the goalkeeper Zangari who puts in corner solving a situation that had become decidedly dangerous.
At 27 'Carnival, well fished by Vukcevic, is anticipated by a whisker at the time of conclusion.
Choral action of Chieti on 32 ', a Scioli ball that still serves Carnival, but his shot ends high.
At 34 'the neroverdi do three of a kind: free kick by Giulia Di Camillo, Zangari rejects, the ball ends up on Gangemi's feet who with a great first intention shot beats the goalkeeper and celebrates his return to the team as best he could not do. Chieti continues to hammer in attack and has two more chances between 36 'and 37' first with Vukcevic and then with Scioli.
Poker arrives in the 38th minute when Scioli is served on the offside by Giulia Di Camillo and puts Zangari with a precise diagonal. So we go to rest on 4-0 for Chieti.

The recovery immediately opens in the sign of the neroverdi who find the fifth goal in the 3 'again with Scioli, good at reiterating the goal of a conclusion by Vukcevic rejected by Zangari.
In the 8th minute, Vukcevic still has the opportunity to sign the personal brace, but his free-kick from a considerable distance is fully printed on the crossbar.
Two minutes later double feat of the goalkeeper Zangari who says no first to Fischer and then to Giada Di Camillo thus avoiding the sixth capitulation. At 12 'a nice action of the guests leads to shooting Romeo, but his conclusion ends high. Chieti returns to attack in the 14th minute with Carnival that strongly wants the goal, but pulls high. At 22 'excellent action Fischer-Giada Di Camillo-Vukcevic, the latter starts a big fireball, but Zangari is well opposed, who raises on the crossbar. Still Chieti with Fischer who at 28 'devours an easy opportunity by putting incredibly to the side on Vukcevic's support.
A minute later it is Verrino who finishes high after running for almost the entire field.
At 31 'comes the goal of Catanzaro: Romeo enters the area and force puts in the net for the partial 5-1.
Chieti found the sixth mark in the 36th minute: Vukcevic filtered the ball into the area for the very free Giulia Di Camillo who supported the net with confidence.
A minute later the guests set the final 6-2: Verrino, the best of his, leaves at speed, gets rid of a defender and scores on the exit of Falcocchia.
Seravalli enters the field to defend the neroverde gate in place of Falcocchia and Colecchi for Gangemi who comes out among the applause. Colecchi herself, launched at the net by Fischer in the 40th minute, stops incredibly, thinking perhaps of a possible offside and the action fades.
A minute from the ninetieth a turn of Romeo ends high. In the recovery minutes nothing happens: it ends 6-2 for Chieti who celebrates the return to victory and closes the first leg at best. The leader Pomigliano will arrive next Sunday at the Antistadio in Francavilla al Mare.

Match sheet:

Chieti Women's Football - Catanzaro 6-2
Goals: 7 'pt Ferrazza, 10' pt Vukcevic, 34 'pt Gangemi, 37' pt and 3 'st Scioli, 31' st Romeo, 36 'st Giulia Di Camillo, 38' st Verrino.

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia (37 'st Seravalli), Di Camillo Giada (27' st Di Domizio), Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Gangemi (27 'st De Vincentiis), Giuliana, Carnival, Scioli ( 37 'st Colecchi).
Available: Di Sebastiano, Lacentra.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Catanzaro: Zangari, Criseo, Rania (20 'st Stranieri), Romeo, Sacco C., Dardano (8' st Vecchi), Cardone (33 'st Sacco M.), Cardamone, Moscatello (9' st Iezzi), Torano, Verrino.
Available: Squillacioti, Brand.
All .: Ortolini Francesco

Referee: Esposito di Ercolano
Assistants: Horse of Lanciano and Chiavaroli of Pescara.
Ammonite: Giada Di Camillo and De Vincentiis (C), Verrino (Cz)


Alessandra Gangemi: “I fired from the first intention because I understood that the goalkeeper would have rejected the ball and I was convinced. It was a great thrill to score, obviously I will try again in the next games. A victory was needed and it arrived. We raised morale in view of the second round to be faced in the best way. We came from two consecutive defeats in the derby: we reacted well, we redeemed ourselves and these three points came ”.

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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