Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Trento conquered Cavarzere with a nice 3 to 1

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After a first half blocked, Trento changes gear and scores three times with Alessandra Tonelli, stubborn in dragging her companions to the sixth seasonal success. The trip to Cavarzere, on the field of Gordige, smiles at the Gialloblù who return to victory after three rounds of stoppage. Excellent performance of the whole team, still growing after the last positive day.

For the trip to Cavarzere, mister Pavan proposes the usual 4-3-1-2 with Varrone, Ruaben, Linda Tonelli and Chierchia to defend Valzolgher; Fuganti, Torresani and Tononi to compose the midfield line, while Rosa and Alessandra Tonelli alternate in the role of playmaker behind Daprà.

The game is slow to give emotions and the first episode that shakes a match that is otherwise concentrated in the middle of the field is recorded at the twenty-two minute, when Rosa picks up the ball coming out of a scrum but firing blanks from a good position. Doubt, at the same juncture, the penalty kick not awarded to Alessandra Tonelli who ends up on the ground in the area. The second jolt of the first fraction is recorded instead at the 38th minute, when Rosa serves a filter for Daprà who sends a little to the side after presenting herself in front of the local goalkeeper. In the second half, Trento raises its engine speed and, after a perky start, manages to sink the first blow against Gordige. Alessandra Tonelli embroiders the action of the Gialloblù by combining with Rosa and, having reached the edge of the area, leaves a great right that surprises Maniezzo at the second post.

Gordige's response is vehement and, in less than a minute, the Venetian team recaptures the match. It is the substitute Guglielmo who loads his companions on the shoulders with a valuable personal action and then beats Valzolgher with a precise right from a secluded position. Mister Pavan then decided to put his hand to training by inserting Rovea and Maurina, but it was still the Gordige who made himself dangerous, almost twenty minutes later, with a shot from the edge of Sacchetti which touched the post of the goal defended by Valzolgher. Trento does not stand by and in less than two minutes, packs the second goal of the day: Giulia Rosa receives on the trocar and rewards Alessandra Tonelli's cut which she deposits on the net after having jumped with extreme coldness the opposing defender. However, the personal brace does not seem to be enough for the Gialloblù midfielder who puts the game on ice and reserves the right to take the ball home only seven minutes later. The third assist is also signed by Giulia Rosa, who reaffirms the great agreement with Tonellli by serving her the opportunity, well exploited with a great right hand, to put the seal on the final three to one. Trento thus returns to victory after three demanding abstinence rounds and re-launches in the standings, placing itself in sixth place.


NETS: 58 'A. Tonelli (T), 59' Guglielmo (G), 81 'and 88' A. Tonelli (T).

GORDIGE: Maniezzo, Candiani, Manin, Giandoso (19'st Melato), Pivetta, Malvestio, Cesarotto (28'st Sacchetto), Bianchini, Pizzo, Baiasso (33'st Veronese), Favaro (10'st Guglielmo).
Available: Sivieri, Altafini, Convents.
Coach: Kenny Astolfi

TRENTO (4-3-1-2): Valzolgher, Varrone (14'st Rovea), Ruaben, L. Tonelli, Chierchia (25'st Lucin), Fuganti, Torresani (44'st Antolini), Tononi, Rosa (45 'st Bertamini), A. Tonelli, Daprà (22'st Maurina).
Available: -
Coach: Libero Pavan
REFEREE: Baiocchi from Rimini

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