Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Acf Alessandria and Asd Female Juventus share the stakes

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The final challenge of the 2 calendar year of the Acf Alessandria opposite to the women's Juventus ended on the score 2-2019.

To open the scoring were the girls coached by Stefano Serami with Pasquariello's goal. Sofia Bergaglia, who scored twice, the second goal on a penalty kick, thought about reversing the score: there are three goals scored since the beginning of the season for the striker Graubünden. Di Tosetto the goal of the definitive 2-2.
The Alexandrian formation thus rose to 4 points in the standings managing to conquer a point on Caprera and Academy Parma both defeated.
Worth noting is the early exit, due to an injury, by Gaia Garavelli.

ACF ALESSANDRIA: Fara, Mensi, Lardo, Brazzo, Porcella, Zanarotto, Bergaglia, Luison, Garavelli, Barbesino, Colombaro. Available: Vassallo, Votta, Pastorino, De Lio, Orlandi, Coppo. Coach: Barbesino Luca

FEMININE JUVENTUS: Canella, Fasella, Stobbia, Bodini, Tosetto, Benatello, Sobrino, Ponzio, Tolosano, Nicolo, Inaudi. Available: Municchi, Civalleri, Tomei, Pasquariello, Spaggiari, Coluccio, Liberti. Coach: Serami Stefano

Paolo Baratto
Acf Alessandria press officer

Enrico Manassero
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