Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Fly the Vicenza, Unterland, Cortefranca and Padua rise again

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The leaders Vicenza beats the second of the Brixen Obi class and stretches. Brescia stopped in Trento. Unterland, Cortefranca and Padova win.
A Vicenza built to win .. the promotion in B, faces the fierce training of Mr. Genta who must give up the weapons to the strongest opponent. Beyond the result the red and white won the victory with merit despite the ambitious antagonist fought with determination and even managed to reduce the disadvantage on the 3 to 1 and then surrender to the fourth network of the owners of the .. field that they closed the race with the fourth goal which confirmed the final whistle.

Vicenza rises to 4 on the Brixen but with a race to be recovered as the Brescia, however, was stopped in Trento on 0 to 0 even risking defeat. Brescia which is located at -1 from the South Tyrol.

Big blow to the Damen of the Unterland that conquer Cavarzere with the result of 4 to 2. Extremely hard-fought race with reversals in front and so many goals realized and wasted. Toast is the Damen returning to Sudtirol with the three points at stake. Gordige who remains in 9th place in the standings with 15 points, behind Venice and Trento with 17.
Thanks to this victory, the Unterlands rank 4th in the ranking, -1 from Brescia, also with a race to be recovered, in the company of the Cortefranca that conquers the Sudtirol field with a net 5 to 1.

Victory also for Padua that in front of its fans beats the bitter enemy-friends of Venice. Paduanas that bypass the Venetians and follow in the footsteps of the group leader of the leaders while Venice remains firmly in the middle of the ranks in the company of Trento.

Spal wins the advance on Saturday with the San Paolo, beating the Modenese with the classic 2 to 0. Spal that momentarily leaves the red zone and San Paolo that remains in last place with 0 points.
Force Saint Paul do not give up! :)

Another good away match is that of the Isera that in Oristano won the match with the result of 2 to 1. Isera that breathes an air of Merry Christmas swallowing the Oristano in the penultimate place of the ranking.

Walter Pettinati

Cover photo for the Unterland winners with the Gordige

Walter Pettinati
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