Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Lecce Women, the victory fades on penalty at 98 °

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It's a draw that smacks so much of the one obtained by Lecce Women at Atri's "Pavone" against the Free Girls hosts. The 2-2 network of the Abruzzi came at the eighth minute of recovery on a much-discussed penalty kick for several reasons. Meanwhile, because assigned by the referee Martinelli of the section of Ostia when the six minutes of recovery granted had already passed and then because in the Giallorossi area no hand ball was committed.

There was only a close intervention with the thigh by Giulia Felline following a rejection of the pole, an episode that happened in the seventh minute of recovery.

The race director's mistake thwarted the one-two made by captain Serena D'Amico (10 goals for her in the championship) and the great effort made by the girls in the Roma jersey in a situation of great emergency in light of the absence of Cucurachi, remained in Salento due to work commitments, and injuries that forced Cazzato and then Guido to leave the camp prematurely.

"It makes me angry to see a victory fade in this way - says the coach Vera Indino bitterly -. I am especially sorry for the girls who, despite a thousand difficulties, have given all their energy to bring home the entire mail up for grabs The referees are sometimes uneasy and behave in ways that cannot be justified. Laughing in front of a girl who - in tears - asks for explanations for a non-existent penalty awarded in the seventh minute of recovery does no honor to anyone. And I stop here, I prefer to think of the next game in which we will face the leaders Pomigliano ".

The match with the first of the class is scheduled for Sunday, December 22nd, at 14.30pm, at the Collepasso municipal.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday 17 December, at 16 pm, at the Acaya Golf Resort, a press conference will be held to present the Women Lecce, to illustrate the contents and details together with the company's development programs. Fans can follow the conference in post-production on our website and social pages.

Serie C - Tenth day

Free Girls-Lecce Women 2-2

Free Girls: Nardulli, Bruno (21 'st Angelini), Di Domenico, Giuliani, Pasciullo, Nozzi, Fusco, Tontodonati, Primi, D'Ignazio (13' st Monterubbianesi), Romans (42 'st Costigliola). Sanniti, Fiore, Marroni on the bench. Francesco Mucci coach.

Salento Women Soccer: Raicu, Sozzo, Felline, Tirabassi, Costadura, Risola (39 'pt De Benedetto), Guido (40' st Lazoi), Durante (26 'st Coluccia), Cazzato (33' st Polo), D'Amico , Anfosso (1 'st Margari). Ouacif, Aprile, Vitti, on the bench. Vera Indino trainer.

Referee: Martinelli of Tivoli.

Markers: in the pt 4 'D'Amico (S) on penalty; 44 'Romans (F); in st 10 'D'Amico (S); 53'st Pasciullo (F) on penalty.

Notes: about one hundred spectators. Ammonita: Nozzi (F). Recovery: pt 1 '; st 8 '.

Results (tenth day): Aprilia Racing-Ludos 1-1; Apulia Trani-Sant'Egidio 0-0; Catanzaro-Rome XIV 1-0; Dream Team Napoli-Chieti 0-4; Free Girls-Salento Women Soccer 2-2; Pescara-Catania 4-2; Real Bellante-Pomigliano 0-7. Ranking: Pomigliano 26; Ludos Palermo, Chieti 19; Pescara, Sicula Leonzio 18; Sant'Egidio 17; Salento Women Soccer 16; Free Girls 12; Catanzaro 9; Apulia Trani 6; Dream Team, Rome XIV 5; Real Bellante 4.

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