Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Breath-free draw: between Free Girls and Women Lecce ends 2 - 2

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At the "E. Pavone" in Atri, the match, valid for the tenth day of the women's Serie C championship, is staged between Free Girls and Women Lecce. For Mr. Mucci's girls there is a difficult and difficult commitment against the strong and expert formation of Salento.

The match starts immediately uphill for the Teramo girls: in the third minute a penalty kick is awarded for the guest formation on Nozzi's hand ball. From the spot is D'Amico to realize the advantage for the people of Lecce.
The reaction of the Free Girls is immediate: Fusco tries immediately, but his shot ends up out of the door mirror. His attempt was a forerunner to those of Giuliani and Pasciullo, who however did not worry the goalkeeper.

The "girls" of Teramo grow in intensity and at 37 minutes they find the net equal with a great goal from Romani, who from outside the box goes under the crossbar.
You go to the strippers on the result of 1-1.

The resumption of the game starts along the lines of the previous fraction: in the 52nd minute Lecce finds the second advantage on corner kick developments still with D'Amico, able to exploit a defensive uncertainty.
The reaction of Pasciullo and his companions is angry, but well organized: at the 69th minute Primi seizes a resounding pole and the same striker touches the goal in the 76th minute with the ball coming out just outside.
The attempt of the local number 9 is the prelude to the important scoring chances of Nozzi and Fusco in the final minutes.

The efforts of the Teramo are however rewarded at the end of the fifth minute of recovery, when Mr. Martinelli assigns a penalty kick to the ASD Free Girls, following a touch with the hand of the opposing defender. Pasciullo is impeccable from eleven meters and carries out the final 2 to 2.

Discrete game for the formation of Mr. Mucci, who appeared in some moments of the match too hasty to look for the net.
However, for the Free Girls it is a precious result, obtained against an opponent who has proven to be one of the strongest battleships in the league and will certainly be the protagonist on the top floors of the ranking.

The next engagement will see our "girls" guests in Catania of the Sicilian female Lionzio.

Match report: ASD Free Girls - Women Lecce: 2-2
Networks: 4'-52 'D'Amico (WL), 37' Romani (FG), 51 'Pasciullo (FG)
Referee: Mr Martinelli, section of Ostia.

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