Monday, January 27 2020
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The Damen block the Vicenza, the Brescia falls, the Brixen rises: unpredictable and balanced group B

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A day of surprises in the B round of the C series with Vicenza stopped on a draw and the Brescia that suffered their first defeat of the season. The Brixen takes advantage of this and it is inserted between the two contenders, both with a race to be recovered.
The Unterland damen, with determination and a bit of luck, blocks the deadly run of the leaders Vicenza, which has reached Sudtirol with full points. The advantage of the Damen at the 20 ° with Dalla Santa brings the reaction of the Vicenza that sees themselves nullifying two goals and that manage to equalize only on an unlucky own goal of the hosts. A day that started badly and ended with a good point.

The Brescia plays, the Gordige defends himself, scores and wins. This seems to be the summary of a long chronicle of the Brescian brand, where the lionesses have failed to realize their game to the detriment of the most cynical opponents who return to that of Cavarzere with 3 heavy points which allows the Venetian blinds to stabilize in the ranking center in Padova's winning company with the Isera for 3 at 0 while Brescia goes down to -3 from the league leaders.

Super favorable day for the Brixen of coach Genta who easily beats the newly promoted Spal with 4 goals and wins the second place of the ranking at -1 from Vicenza.
Sound defeat for the Trento which falls under the 3 shots of Venice.
A victory that allows the Venetians to join the small group in the middle of the standings at -8 while the Trentino are sucked into 16 points from the Unterland and from Cortefranca that beats 3 to 0 the Oristano, the penultimate of the ranking.

The derby of the relegation zone closes the day with the Sudtirol storming the San Paolo field for 2 at 1, condemning the Modenese in last place with 0 points with the South Tyrolers who cross the Isera and leave, momentarily, from the risk zone.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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