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The incredible victory of the Biancorosse ended

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In Cortina, on the Wine Route, 1 ends at 1 between Unterland and Vicenza, with Dalla Santa scoring in the first half and a subsequent goal of the South Tyrolean in the second half, which puts the match back in equilibrium.

A draw torn after a very painful match, against a tough opponent who managed to hold the reins of the match for most of the time. The Biancorosse were stubborn in not being demoralized and reacting in the second half, managing to balance the result after two goals had already been canceled.

The girls do not start off on the right foot, thanks to the resourcefulness of the South Tyrolean women, who after three minutes have already arrived three times with Bianchi.
The first real opportunity, however, is Biancorossa: Yeboaa from the right crosses to Basso, who opens for Dal Bianco who controls and shoots safely, Tarantino saves for a corner.

At the 20 'the goal of the Unterland arrives. Missiaggia leans back for Bianchi, his postponement is not too long, and Pfoestl takes advantage of it, who recovers the ball and opens towards Dalla Santa, who is good at centralizing and overcoming the n.1 Biancorossa in half-lob.

After 650 unbeaten minutes between Bianchi and Dalla Via, first goal suffered this year in the championship for Vicenza; currently it is the record time between all four Serie C rounds.

The red and white are very hard to withstand the suffocating pressure of the Unterland, and they cannot find space.

However, Vicenza tries to react: at the 26 'punishment from the left trocar of Maddalena, a ball thrown away and Sossella's subsequent volley fired to the side; at 42 ′ Sossella tries again, with a free-kick from the edge, the goalkeeper rejects but on the rebound Yeboaa fails to frame the goal.

In the second half, Vicenza finds courage and gradually regains confidence. Rigon, back in Biancorosso after the brief transfer to Chievo, enters Piovani's place.

At the 49 'Sossella pulls in the goal, on the rejection of tarantino Yeboaa pounces that pounces, but the referee cancels for offside. Nice action at the 53 ': Maddalena's free-kick from the left, the ball is kicked out of the area, Sossella pounces on the ball and kicks but his bolide slams on the crossbar, bounces off the line and the South Tyrolean move away.

The Unterland is dangerous to the 55 ': Pfoestl turns and passes Menon, his shot shaves the post.

Another goal canceled at the 65 ′: cross from the bottom of Carradore, still Yeboaa bags, but for the referee the position is irregular.

The Biancorosse grow visibly, for the goal it is only a matter of minutes.

At the 73 ′ the draw: from a corner of Maddalena a mischione is formed in the area and a clumsy touch of a South Tyrolean puts the ball behind Tarantino. Neither team is able to break through in the final: at the 87 'moment of apprehension for an intervention in the area on Yeboaa, but the referee is not of the opinion to whistle the penalty kick.

The Redheads return from Alto Adige with a good point, obtained after an excellent test of maturity, managing to get up again after the initial disadvantage. The girls still maintain the leadership in the standings, waiting for two very difficult challenges: next Sunday with the Brixen, second of the class, at home, and the next in the Brescia den, currently third.


Unterland Damen - Vicenza Women's Football 1-1


Tarantino, Turani (C), Casal, Vuerich, Ninz, Targa, Turrini, Peer ('72 Cainelli), Erlicher, Dalla Santa, Pfoestl

Available: Settecasi, Pomella

Attachment Francesco Stamp


Bianchi, Sossella, Missiaggia (C), Menon, Yeboaa, Maddalena, Basso, Piovani (46 ′ Rigon), Dal Bianco ('72 Frighetto), Carradore, Ferrati

Available: Dalla Via, Pegoraro, Pomi, Pizzolato

All. Dori Cristian

Referee: Frasynyak of Gallarate

Assistants: Madzovski and Alì of Bolzano

Markers: 20 ′ From Santa (U), 73 ′ own goal Unterland Damen (V)

Ammonite: Ferrati (V)


Brescia - Gordige 0-1

Brixen - SPAL 4-0 Academy

Cortefranca Calcio - Atletico Oristano 3-0

Isera - Padua 0-3

San paolo - Sudtirol Damen BZ 1-2

Unterland Damen - Vicenza 1-1

Venice - Trento Clarentia 3-1


Vicenza 22 (* 1 less)

Brixen 21

Brescia 19 (* 1 less)

Venezia 17

Cortefranca Calcio 16

Unterland Damen 16 (* 1 less game)

Trento Clarentia 16

Padua 15

Gordige 15

SPAL 7 Academy

Sudtirol Damen BZ 6

Isera 4

Atletico Oristano 1

San paolo 0 (* 1 less game)

Francesco Brun

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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