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Aprilia inflicts the first home defeat to Chieti Calcio

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The Chieti Calcio Feminine makes the game, but the three points go to the Aprilia Racing Feminine: this is the summary of the match played at the Antistadio of Francavilla al Mare in which the neroverdi have almost always had in hand the ball of the game, but the guests they have capitalized on all the four good scoring opportunities they have won. The networks of Giulia Di Camillo and Fischer (for her the first with the Chieti shirt) were not enough to bring home a positive result that would have been well deserved for what was seen within the ninety minutes. Arguably the arbitration direction appeared several times not quite at the height.

The Chieti thus remains at 16 points in the standings and is now fourth behind the leaders Pomigliano and Sicula Leonzio Women and Ludos who are on the second level tied for 18.
The chronicle opens at the 3 'with a forward throw for Pisa, promptly the exit of Falcocchia which blocks the ball on the ground avoiding the worst. Again the neroverde goalkeeper at the 6 'comes out with an avalanche on Monti's feet.
At the 10 'Fischer crosses towards the center, but Scioli does not manage to get on the ball which he then slips out of the field.
Two minutes only a great intervention by Guidobaldi denies the network to Vukcevic author of a fine execution on a free kick. At the quarter-hour Vukcevic, launched on goal, is stopped in an offside position by the referee between the neroverdi protests.
At 16 'Aprilia takes the lead: Pisa retrieves a ball in the attacking area and moves into the area, the referee sees a decidedly dubious foul by Ferrazza against him and points to the spot. The execution is Majorca who displaces Falcocchia. At the half-hour mark, on Di Sebastiano's corner, Giulia Di Camillo hits the head from an excellent position but sends high. At 33 'Vukcevic holds the ball well and looks for dialogue with Scioli, on the trajectory a defender seems to touch the ball with one arm, the referee lets it continue and the action then fades.
Vukcevic on a free kick at the 35 'calls Guidobaldi to the ground parade. At 43 'it is Fischer who goes off in speed, but then pulls to the side. We therefore go to the locker room with the guests in favor of 1-0.

The Chieti immediately starts well with the resumption of hostilities. At 2 'Fischer for Vukcevic who sees Scioli entering and serves in full area, but his conclusion ends up on the outside of the net.
At the 7, however, the Aprilia doubles: the referee gives a dubious lateral foul to the guests who beat him, the ball ends up on Galluzzi's feet which leaves a blow from the limit on which nothing can do Falcocchia.
The neroverdi react well and shorten the distances to the 13 ': Vukcevic focuses on Giulia Di Camillo, who stops well and turns, pulling diagonally on the opposite pole where Guidobaldi can't quite reach.
It is the network that reopens the match. At the 17 'still Giulia Di Camillo on punishment engages Guidobaldi.
Three minutes later it is the new entry Carnival to fly off towards the net, but it is stopped at Guidobaldi exit. At 25 'Aprilia makes three of a kind with a long shot from Galluzzi's distance that ends at the crossroads of the poles.
The Chieti, however, has seven lives and returns to the match at 33 'when, on a cross by Ferrazza, Guidobaldi smanaccia and on the postponement of the defender, the ball ends up on Fischer's feet who tries a lob that slips at the intersection of the poles for the 2-3 network.

In full recovery, however, comes the goal that definitively closes the games: Galluzzi looks for the new entry Olianas, a neroverde defender only manages to nibble the ball of the head and the same Olianas makes Falcocchia dry for the 4-2 final in favor of the Aprilia. It is too severe a punishment for a Chieti who has always appeared inside the match and never domo, a real shame to have lost after ninety-five minutes played all heart and grit. Now head to the next match against the Dream Team.

Match sheet:

Chieti Soccer Women-Aprilia Female Racing 2-4
Networks: 16 'pt Mallorca (rig), 7' and 25 'st Galluzzi, 13' st Di Camillo Giulia, 33 'st Fischer, 50' st Olianas

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Ferrazza, Di Sebastiano (15 'st Carnival), Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo Giulia, Panichi, Gangemi, Giuliana, Scioli.
To disp .: Seravalli, De Vincentiis, Di Domizio, Lacentra, Colecchi.
All .: Di Camillo Lello

Aprilia Racing Women: Guidobaldi, Cusella (3 'st Lauria), Croce, De Stradis, Campanelli, Monti (30' st Olianas), Spagnuolo, Di Federico, Pisa, Mallorca, Galluzzi. To disp .: Djokouo, Bianciardi, Casteltrione, Grossi, Furci.
All .: Bianchi Fabio

Referee: Crispino di Frattamaggiore
Assistants: Ciocca di L'Aquila and Lanconelli di Avezzano.
Ammonite: Di Camillo Giulia (C) and Cusella (A)

Giorgia Colecchi: "The game was decided by episodes that unfortunately went against us.
We had prepared the match well and played it as we should with so much grit. We saw a beautiful Chieti, so much heart in the field, but this time it was not enough. We lacked a little luck. We also had injuries, but it was not noticed on the pitch. They made four shots in the mirror and four goals, for us the door was instead haunted. It would have been important to make a result: now we have temporarily lost the second place, we cannot afford to lose these games otherwise we will go down in the standings. The championship is still long, but we must not leave these points on the road.
The group is there and I think you can see it from the determination we put every Sunday together. We are now starting to work for the next game without being affected by this defeat, which must be used to treasure it and charge us in the best way for Sunday ”.

The Chieti Women's Football Press Officer
Piero Vittoria

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