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A cynical and concrete Riccione captivates Imola

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A cynical and concrete Riccione brings home the entire stake at stake, overcoming the Imolese in the expected Romagna derby. Race uphill for the blue-white that after having suffered the disadvantage goal, they react well reaching the draw with Marcattili on a free kick. In the second half the advantage net by Antolini decrees the victory for 2-1. Applause from the performance of the entire team with the superlative Amaduzzi twins with their concreteness and professionalism.

Note also on the falling Russarollo, stopped in the pits for about a year, following a long injury, the author of a good performance, good at making his contribution when the race was bad and turned agonistic, throwing himself in the fray with courage and without fear.

The chronicle of the race
At 2 'oversized shot of Russarollo; at the 5 'Nashi stake; at the 8 'Imolese with Polidori; at the 10 'draw of the guests with Marcattili directly on a free kick; at the 15 'shot by Amaduzzi M. retaliated by the opposing defense; at the 24 'cross by Amaduzzi A. for the head of Antolini who hits the ball well but goalkeeper Farro deflects for a corner; at the 27 'oversized conclusion of Abouziane; at the 32 'shot by Antolini intercepted by the opposing goalkeeper; a minute later Gostoli tries without result; at the 34 'Antolini's conclusion, retaken by an opposing player; at the 35 'miracle of Fara on conclusion from outside the area of ​​Russarollo; at the 38 'shot on goal by Finotello saved by Giorgi; at the 39 'shot of Marcattili for Riccione; at the 40 'conclusion of Russarollo replied by the defense of the house; at the 41 'shot by Gostoli with the ball being blocked by the far defender guest; at the 46 'shot by Antolini with the teams that go to the interval in the locker room on the score of 1-1.

In the second half of the 47 'shot by Valente without result; at the 57 'doubling of the blue-white with Antolini with a remarkable central incursion; at the 70 'is the same Bolognese soccer player to try without result; at the 73 'shot on goal by Abouziane, saved by the far defender; at the 73 'oversize shot by Amaduzzi A; a minute later the same script with Antolini's conclusion; at 82 'Borico's oversized shooting; a minute later, Antolini tries; at the 92 'shot by Abouziane saved by the opposing goalkeeper; after five minutes of recovery the referee decreed the end of the hostilities sanctioning the precious victory for 2-1 of the Riccione that rises to 18 points in the standings maintaining the third place in the standings; next Sunday the La Spezia field trip is scheduled.

Following the statements of Mr. Filippo Migani: "We immediately went under a net, the girls were good to stay calm, our opponents seemed to me a great team beyond the unexplained last place in the standings; I am satisfied with the performance of the girls who have been able to give continuity to the results, now we have to face a long trip to Liguria before playing the three direct matches at the top with the top ranking teams ".

Asd female Riccione, a precious comeback win in the Romagna derby, distances unchanged from the top
Imola - Asd female Riccione 1-2
markers: 8 'Polidori (Im), 10' Marcattili (Ri), 57 'Antolini (Ri)

Imola: (Fara, Manara, Cavarra, Guede (84 'Currency), Finotello, Polidori, Iraci, Mozzillo, Nahi, Dubbioso (92' Hill), Valenti)
Female Asd Riccione: (Giorgi, Amaduzzi A. (77 'D'Aprile), Maccaferri (61' Dominici), Gostoli, Rodriguez, Amaduzzi M. (70 'Barocci), Marcattili (91' Sommella), Perone, Abouziane, Antolini , Russarollo (61 'Borico)
Ammonite: Dominici, Rodriguez

Series C, group C
8 ° Day

Arezzo - San Miniato 0-0
Pistoiese - Bologna 4-1
Torres - Spice 3-0
Griffin - Res Women 0-7
Imolese - Riccione 1-2
Jesina - Pontedera 0-3

Pontedera 20, Torres 19, Riccione 18, Res Women 16, Pistoiese 12, Jesina 11, San Miniato 10, Spezia 9, Bologna 7, Arezzo 6, Griffon Gialloverde 4, Imolese 1
Torres and Riccione one race less
Asd female Riccione, press office

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