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The hurricane Sicula Leonzio Women crashes on the Catanzaro Calcio Femminile

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Points, networks and enthusiasm. The Sicula Leonzio Women takes everything she could ask for in the afternoon at the "San Gaetano" in Belpasso. The Bianconeri overwhelm the unfortunate Catanzaro for 9-1, taking the second consecutive success.

That the day is positive, for the lionesses, can be understood already from the first minutes of the game, with the landlords producing occasions with Ndiongue, Vitale and Agati. The match is unlocked at the 9'proprio with Ndiongue. The networks of Martella, from outside, and Di Stefano, at the end of a coast to coast on the right wing, heavily incline the match in favor of the leontine, which are already on the 19-3 at 0. However, the Bianconeri tide is still growing: at the 23 'Vitale is spread out in the area, gaining a penalty. Cassandra Agati, who makes 4-0, appears from the spot. A minute later the new Lentino thrust, with the very poker served by Marem Ndiongue. On the 5-0 the thrust of the landlord does not end and in the final minutes of the time comes the high-pitched Alessandra Migneco (6-0), at the 42 ', and the third personal network of Marem Ndiongue (7-0), to the 44 '.

With the race in their pockets the bianconere manage the second part of the match. At the 64 'comes the network of the Catanzaro flag, with Verrino. At the 67 'Maria Di Stefano builds a eurogol from a tight angle on the right. It is not enough, however, to appease the "hunger" of the little lions, who pick up a pole with Martella and then find the net of the definitive 9-1 with Ndiongue, whose shot bounces against the inside of the crossbar and becomes insacca.

At the end of the race, Mr. Peppe Scuto commented as follows: "Let's say that the race immediately got off to a good start with the first two goals and changed from there. They had also started well, fighting us, but today we had another step. It ended with a result perhaps too heavy for the Catanzaro. The group continues to grow and is the best news, it is one of the seasonal goals. The girls are already thinking about the race next Sunday in Pescara. We know it will be a tough confrontation, like almost everyone else. Meanwhile we enjoy the result, we have won and we are happy ".

Great protagonist of the day is Marem Ndiongue, author of four networks: “I am happier for the result than for my networks. It was a competition not to be underestimated, which served us to grow. We are always trying to improve and we are already thinking about the next game. We are charged but concentrated. We have to take care of that aspect, because then physically we are fine. Personally, I still don't feel at 100%, I've been back for just a month. I hope to reach the top after the holidays ”.

Midfielder Irene Martella was also satisfied: “We needed these three points, to gain more confidence and to improve the ranking. From a couple of races I could not score, it was the right occasion to go back to cheer and it went well. Surely doing nine goals will put euphoria on you, but the next one won't be an easy race, even if we are going to play away. We will be ready to face Pescara too ”.



SICULA LEONZIO WOMEN: Aleo; Pietrini, Di Stefano, Signorelli (from 87 'Fazio); Finocchiaro (from 56 'Lo Vecchio), Di Mauro (from 56' Mo.Russo), Agati (from 83 'Militello), Martella (from 78' Ma. Russo); Migneco, Ndiongue, Vitale. Coach: Scuto
Available: Puglisi, Orlando, Chiricò,, Saraò, Miraglia, Pennisi.

CATANZARO FEMALE FOOTBALL: Zangari, Rania, Criseo (from 80 'Sacco), Moscatello, Verrino, Romeo, Sacco, Ventrici (from 63' Vecchi) (from 87 'Rotundo), Torano, Cardone (from 71' Iezzi), Cardamone. Coach: Ortolini
Available: Brand, Dardano.

Networks: Ndiongue 44 ', 24', 44 ', 75'; Martella 11 '; Di Stefano 19 ', Agati 24'; 67 '; Migneco 42 '; Verrino (CZ) 64 '.

Booked: Vitale (SLW); Zangari, Cardamone and Torano (CZ).

Referee: Moretti of Como

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