Italian Cup Series C: Dream Team Naples - Salento Women Soccer 2 - 4

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Continue the adventure in the C series Italian Cup of Salento Women Soccer. In the eighth-finals the Giallorossi won the challenge against the Dream Team Napoli storming the "Billy" field of Pianura with the score of 4-2. It must be said that the victory of the Salento team has never been questioned, only that captain Serena D'Amico and her companions have had to wait for the second time to close the game and win the qualification for the quarter finals.

"Let's say that in the first half we were not very concrete under goal while in the second half the girls realized that to win we had to score - said coach Vera Indino -. We made four goals but we could have made a few more if we were more precise and if we had not found a goalkeeper on the big day on our way. I take this opportunity to congratulate the Dream Team, who confirmed on this occasion to be a very good team with some prominent elements, above all the young striker Illiano " .

To find out the complete picture of the 8 teams that will give life to the Quarters the next 2 February 2020 will have to wait for the recovery of Pinerolo-Canelli which has been postponed due to impracticality of the playing field. Riccione, Pontedera, Vicenza, Brescia, Como, Res Women Roma and clearly Salento Women Soccer have already passed the turn.

In the meantime, the Serie C championship is back. The Giallorossi of Salento will be hosting the Real Bellante teramane at Collepasso. 14.30 kick-off.

Italian Cup Serie C - Round of 16

Dream Team Napoli-Salento Women Soccer 2-4

Dream Team Naples: Savignano, D'Angiò (41 'st Spigno), Migliaccio, Musella, Grazioso, Spagnuolo (41' pt Santoro), Foccillo (35 'st Menditto), Giocondo, Illiano, Criscuolo, Vertucci (39' st Bergamasco ). On the bench: Ventresino. Coach Elio Aielli.

Salento Women Soccer: Raicu, Sozzo (43 'St Durante), Felline, Tirabassi, Costadura, Guido (39' pt Coluccia), De Benedetto, Cucurachi, Cazzato, D'Amico, Margari (25 'st Coluccia). Polo on the bench. Vera Indino trainer.

Referee: Caruso of Viterbo.

Markers: in st 5 'Guido (S); 27 'Santoro (N); 31 'Tirabassi (S); 33 'Coluccia (S); 39 'D'Amico (S); 44 'Illiano (N).

Notes: about one hundred and fifty spectators. Recovery: pt 3 '; st 4 '.

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