Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Apulia Trani defeated by Chieti

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Undeserved defeat for Apulia Trani who loses 1-2 the match against Chieti. The first half begins with a perfect assist from Corvasce who serves Dibenedetto one step from the goal. Shortly thereafter Turkish gains several punishments in midfield but rejected by the host defense. Conditioned race unfortunately from the high impracticability of the playing field, due to the incessant rain, and the strong wind.

At 17 'Capitan Delvecchio shoots a free-kick that just flies over the crossbar. The first half ends with the guest advantage of Vukcevic who pulls out finding the unfortunate detour of Calabrese that displaces Mariano, who cannot get there. Second pyrotechnic time.

After seven minutes a punishment is assigned from the top of the area from the left beaten by Vukcevic, Mariano does not hold back and Ferrazza pushes it inside. The Trani team that has always stood up to its opponents is not there and does everything to react. At the 25 'Turkish still gains a punishment from an interesting position. And here the municipal explodes. Capitan Delvecchio from the left kicks in scoring the eurogoal of the day.

Final excited with the expulsion of the coach of Chieti and his captain, with the neroverdi now on the ropes, Apulia also scored the 2-2 canceled to Kasmin for alleged offside.

APULIA TRANI: Mariano, Delvecchio, Corvasce, Tucci, Kasmin, Calabrese (18 'st De Musso), Turkish, Cagiano, Ventura, Dibenedetto. Available: Celi, Capriati, Montrone, Dellatte, Dibenedetto.A, Maffei, Tortosa, Andriolo. Coach: Davide Gusmai.

CHIETI: Falcocchia, Di Camillo.G, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Fischer, Di Camillo.G, Panichi, Giuliana, Carnevale, Scioli. Available: Seravalli, De Vincentiis, Di Sebastiano, Di Domizio, Gamgemi, Giuliani, Lacentra. Coach: Di Camillo Lello.

Ammonite: Giuliana (C)
Expulsions: Di Camillo.G (C)
Networks: Vukcevic (C) 34'pt, Ferrazza (C) 7'st, Delvecchio (AT) 26 'st.

Stadio Comunale di Trani
Referee: Mr. Fiorentino of the Ercolano section. 1 ° assistant: Cosole of the Foggia section. 2 ° assistant: Delvecchio of the Barletta section.


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