Monday, January 27 2020
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The First Ladies of Vicenza with full points, Brescia pursues

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The victorious march of Vicenza continues which, in front of the friendly public, gets rid of the good Cortefranca with 2 goals scored in advance by Sossella, Basso and with the brace of Ferrati. The red and white are confirmed "The First Ladies" of group B consolidating the record with full points.

Excellent response from the Brescian Lionesses who beat at home the Brixen Obi of Mr. Genta thanks to the network signed by Brayda at the end of the first portion of the game. Brescia that positions itself in the place of honor of the ranking waiting for the big match against the leaders Vicenza in the 11 day. Brixen that despite the bitter defeat remains firmly in the 3 ranking in the -3 rankings from the leaders who together with Brescia have to recover a race.

White nets draw in the Trentino derby between Clarentia and Underland, while the Gordige and Padova, both at the 6 ° place with 12 points beat respectively the San Paolo and the Oristano.

The Venetians close the match with San Paolo easily for 4 at 1, the Paduanas win in 2 at 1 in Sardinia.
Exciting comeback victory for Venice on the field of Sudtirol. The neroverdi remount the double disadvantage and beat the Alto Adige for 3 at 2. Sûdtirol takes the lead with a double at 6⁰ and 25⁰ by De Luca, Jole Dal Ben, Chiara Tasso and Agata Centasso mark the remuntada

Victory not easy for the red-scuffed of Padua conquered on the difficult field of the Oristano. Cattuzzo and Sarain, for the landlords Quidacciolu, are a sign of the Venetians.

The direct clash in the relegation zone between Spal and Isera sees the victory of the landlords for 2 at 1 which allows the Ferrarese to reach the 10 ° place with 7 points and to extend 4 points well on the group of direct interested. A victory that brings the celestial white team close to the middle ranking group with Cortefranca a + 3 points

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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