Mauro Manzaroli (Feminine Riccione): "We need to start again with strength and humility, without ever feeling that we have arrived"

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Analysis of the situation in the blue-white house entrusted to Mauro Manzaroli, a close collaborator of Mr. Migani, a true bond between the team and the coach, a silent but important voice of the Romagna staff.
Hello Mr. Marzaroli, what is your role in the staff of Riccione women's football?

I am a collaborator of Mr. Migani, I carry out the task of helping and supporting the first team, a twelfth man on the field, ready to support the girls' morale and contribute to the growth and awareness of their value.

Your typical week?

In my role as a glue between the coach and the first team, I work to follow the girls on the pitch and in the training sessions, taking part in the sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as participating in Sunday competitions.

How long have you been following women's football?

I have been following football since I was young, even practicing it until the 23 years; from around 4 seasons I am particularly interested in the women's sector and this year I have been given the opportunity to work for Riccione.

A balance of this beginning of the season?

The provisional balance is undoubtedly positive, we started out great before running into Jesi's defeat; we knew that it would not be easy to find the game rhythm after two weeks of forced stop, now we need to look ahead and start again with strength and humility, finding the right stimuli, removing the idea of ​​feeling already arrived; I am sure that in this way the team will be able to fight until the end to reach the first places.

A good reason to be able to come and play in Riccione?

Those who come to Riccione know they can count on a healthy environment where serious, competent and organized people work, always available for dialogue, for comparison, at the complete disposal of the girls, from the smallest to the veteran for a constructive support useful for their growth and enhancement as athletes and people.

Asd female Riccione, press office

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