Pontedera virtual leader on the fearless Sassari Torres. Riccione stop in Jesi

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With three victories at home, one outside and two draws, the sixth day of round C of the C series ends.
The undefeated Riccione falls in Jesi, while the Sassari Torres continues undaunted to grind victories but momentarily loses the primacy virtually conquered by Pontedera, which is the size of Pistoia Ovest. Sassari Torres and Riccione with the race to be recovered.

The lionesses of Jesi pull out their claws and overwhelm Riccione with 4 networks.
Picchiò dance opens at the end of the first portion of the game. In the second half the Jesine sank for three more times, first with Modesti, then with the brace of Tamburini. With this victory the Marche team moves to the 4 ranking in the XXUMX rankings from the Romagnolese who descend to -1 from the Sardinian leaders.

A very concentrated Sassari Torres takes the modest Imolese mouthful.
The result ends with an 6 sound at 1 but could be more severe. Sardines who are proving themselves, even in these races, to be determined to the set goal: to go up in category and return to the championships that have belonged to them in the recent past.

A victory for the Pontedera in the Pistoia area.
Mr. Ulivieri's girls prove to be a compact and well-synchronized but a bit wasteful team. The Pistoiese reacts as it can and manages to create some excellent networking opportunities but without success. The goal for the amaranth arrives at the end of the first portion of the game with Gavagni's goal from the air limit. In the second half the music does not change and neither does the result. Pontedera virtual leaders, Pistoiese with one more defeat but that gives hope to Mr. Nicoli.

The highly anticipated confrontation between San Miniato - Res Women ends with the victory for the Sienese.
Hard-fought race played openly between two strong and balanced teams. The game is decided by Tata with a network at 59 °. San Miniato who moves to - 1 from Res which remains at 5 ° place of the classification

Pareggiano Arezzo - Bologna (1-1) and Grifone - Spezia (2-2).
Useless results for ranking purposes but important for morale, especially for the Arezzo and the grifoncelle of the Guardia di Finanza. The Tuscan team is built for other areas of the standings even if in this first part of the championship they have not been able to express themselves for their potential. The Lazio players have lost important pawns that have redefined their expectations that remain salvation.
Bologna is an unpredictable team like Spezia and both could surprise us, enclosed with Arezzo and Grifone in 2 points, in the lower part of the ranking with last place in solitary destined, at the moment to Imolese.

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