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A day affected by bad weather leaves four 4 on the 7 in the locker room. And, of course, the controversy was not lacking even where it was played as in the case of the transfer of Gordige on the ski slope of Bressanone. Given the floods in Veneto and not only was it not better to postpone all the races?
Having done this due consideration, let's go and see the races that took place.

External victory of Trento on the Padua field for 2 at 1. Sa first fraction closes with a clean sheet. Filming sees the Trento advantage over the development of a corner kick. Padua that restores parity with Donà. A daring final with the two boarding formations in search of the advantage. A Trento incursion that will be able to exploit an indecision of the local defense to seal the victory net will be more fortunate. Bitterness in the home of the biancoscudate for wasted opportunities. On the other hand, the Trentino are smiling as they maintain the 5 position in the standings while the Venetians remain at the 7 ° place in the company of the Gordige… that the insidious transfer between water and snow-covered roads must end up in Bressanone.
The race is played on a beautiful white field and sees the victory of the landlords for 3 at 1. Mr. Genta himself complains at the end of the game about the conditions of the snowy field and praises his girls for the excellent first time at the expense of the second who saw the host team prevail. 3 heavy points for the Brixen that virtually grabs Vicenza in the first place, stopped in the pits. The Gordige remains horrified at the 9 ° place and looks ahead. My personal applaud to all the girls for honoring their passion.

The Cortefranca beats the Spal academy with the classic 2 at 0 and overtakes Padua and Gordice in the standings.
Venice - Oristano, Unterland - Brescia, San Paolo - Vicenza and Isera - Sudtirol were not played.
Waiting to know the dates of the recoveries, we urge the Women's Football Department to make a profound reflection. It is not played with people's lives.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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