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Biellese, Como and Azalee undisputed protagonists of the seventh day

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It is a great Biellese, the one who had the courage and the strength to conquer the field of Real Meda, at the end of a hard-fought and lucky race for the guests. Brianza are the ones who took the lead at 8 ° with Rebecca Arosio. The draw of the Piedmontese arrives at the 53 ° with Vanessa Lavarone. It will be thanks to the ill-fated own-goal of Greta Dalla Pia at 80 ° that the viola can celebrate the three points and remain in the solitary top of the standings.

The Como returns immediately to the victory and does so in a determined way on the field of the unfortunate Alessandria that suffers 9 well nets. The Larians keep the wake of the Biellese while the gray ones remain at the third last place in the ranking.

Exciting and extraordinary victory of the Azaleas on the field of the favorite Campomorone who took the lead at the 31 ° with Nietante but who after a few minutes suffered the same of Caterina Magatti. And here Francesca del Raso enters the scene: on the draw he gets the admonition, then, unhappy, a few minutes later, he is still admonished to go, in the company of a red card, under a nice hot shower. Numerical inferiority that allows Nietante to double and take his team ahead. Azaleas that manage to surprise themselves and their opponents: they react in 10, draw at 72 'with Vischi and sign the 3 at 2 at 80 ° with Brazzarola. The boarding of the landlords is useless. The Azaleas return home with 3 very heavy points. Victory that allows the inhabitants of Varese to climb over the Ligurians and reach the 3 ° in the ranking.

Pinerolo wins on the field of Voluntas Osio for 5 at 2. The Piedmontese reach Campomorone at the 4 ° place and the Turin that wins the derby with the Female Juventus for 4 at 0. Double by Annalisa Favole and goals by Serenaj and Malara.
Voluntas Osio and Juventus remain at 4 points waiting for better days.

Cinquina della Speranza Agrate in that of Caprera with the islanders who maintain the last place while the Lombard ones follow the group of pursuers in the tranquility zone even bypassing the Real Meda.

The Canelli celebrates, with a clear 3 at 0, the external victory won in that of Parma. Victory that allows the Asti team to exit the red zone of relegation. Disappointment for the newly promoted Parmesan girls who are paying dearly for the category jump after a triumphant season in Excellence.

A praise to all the winners and a great wish for the defeats to find the enamel of the best days and assert themselves. The championship is long and there will be room for all.

Lorenzo Testai

Author: Lorenzo TestaiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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