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An unstoppable Pomigliano beats the Free Girls and consolidates the primacy. Palermo and Chieti in pursuit.

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The seventh round does not give any surprises: everything as forecast with Pomigliano (17 points with better attack and defense of the entire tournament) that puts a trio at the Free Girls (3-1): two goals from Luisa Esposito and the Russian midfielder for the eleven from home; for the Abruzzi guests, it is Angelini who signs the flag network.

Second place and fourth consecutive success for the Palermo of coach Licciardi that inflicts a tennis player 6-1 to the unlucky guy Dream Team of mister Aielli (second consecutive defeat). For the Sicilians, by sign, Giusy Bassano (triple), Zito (double) and Riccobono; for the bells, Lupoli.

Nice draw between Sicula Leonzio and Aprilia Racing (2-2): Agati and Vitale for Scuto's eleven; Galluzzi and Grossi for the guests who are joined by Chieti in third place at 13 points, with the girls of Lello Di Camillo who fold 2-1 the De Risi trainer Sant'Egidio, who is not satisfied with the usual Di Martino, in how much the Abruzzese go to sign with Vukcevic and with an acrobatic Eurogol of Ferrazza not new to beach soccer spells.

Third consecutive success for Vera Indino's Salento that overwhelms Catanzaro (4-0) with the hat-trick of Antonella Cazzato and veteran captain D'Amico, with the Apulians hooking Sant'Egidio and Pescara at 12.

Second draw in a row for a Decimoquarto still last but reborn, which imposes a good equal to the certainly more quoted Pescara (0-0).

Another equal to glasses (0-0), is the one between Real Bellante and Trani who, rightly, decide not to get hurt and to share the stakes, with the Apulians hooking the Dream Team at 5 level, with Bellante at -1 from the above mentioned.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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