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Riccione, after a two-week stop, restarts from the trip to Jesi

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Sunday 17 November with whistle for the start of the race at the 14: 30 takes place at the Cardinaletti sports field of Jesi on the sixth day of the Serie C championship with the Migani team that will visit Jesina.
The Romagna riders, who have had two consecutive weeks off, are second in the standings with 12 points in 4 races, waiting to recover the big match with Torres that was postponed to 19 December at 20: 30.

The Marches, instead, coming from the draw at the last minute on the field of La Spezia, are fifth in the standings with 8 lengths.
The meeting will be arbitrated by Mr. Bouabid of Prato.

Absolute protagonist of this exciting start to the season is the young goalkeeper of talent and perspective, Ilaria Giorgi, 1999 class, bulwark of the blue-white rearguard still untouched. Here are his statements on the eve of the Marches' trip:

"Last Sunday, unlike the other teams, we did not play any matches, due to the postponement of the scheduled match with Torres; by virtue of this circumstance, our opponents, having played one more game, could have a better physical condition but we are training well, aware that we would have had to fill this gap.

The team has not lowered its head, we are ready to play on Sunday with Jesina sure to meet one of the strongest teams in the group. Currently the defense is unbeaten and this is certainly a rather positive aspect, the merit must however be shared in primis with the attackers, the authentic first defenders and to follow with the whole team; before the goalkeeper there are 10 players, the secret is all in the strength of the group and in the spirit of sacrifice that unites us; a due applause must be extended to my departmental partner Sonia Meletti, an excellent goalkeeper with experience with whom there is esteem and mutual trust; surely I have a lot to learn from her, our relationship is very constructive, those who don't play strive to cheer for each other, just like in a real team, united and cohesive for the common good ".

Matches, Serie C, Girone C
6 ° day

Arezzo - Bologna
Pistoiese - Pontedera
Torres - Imolese
Griffin - Spice
Jesina - Riccione
San Miniato - Res Women
Pontedera 13 points
Torres, Riccione 12 points
Res Women 10 points
Jesina 8 points
Pistoiese 6 points
San Miniato, Spezia 5 points
Arezzo 4 points
Gialloverde Griffon, Bologna 3 points
Imolese 1 point
Torres and Riccione one race less

Female Asd Riccione, press office

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