Serie C group B: nothing new, high-ranking teams win

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In the Venetian derby, the fearless Vicenza beats the measure of Venice and remains in command of the general's full score. While the Venetian blinds stand on the right side of the standings with only 8 points in 5 days. In the Lombard derby it is Brescia that gets rid of a dry 3 at 0 by Cortefranca, so it has remained in pursuit of the red and white leader while its historical rivals stop at the top of the table.

Winning reaction of the Brixen Obi of Mister Genta who holds the Clarentia Trento field for 5 at 2 with authority and is positioned at the wheel of the Brescian lionesses. Trentino that stop at the 5 place at 12 level of the ranking.

Remaining in South Tyrol, the victory of the Unterland Damen for 5 at 0 on the back of the San Paolo is easier and clearer. The damen are only one point from the rivals of the Brixen.

The Gordige on the Isera wins in size and moves to the 6 rankings in the rankings in the company of Padova which, at the end of a daring sporting battle, beats Spal on its pitch for 4 at 3.

SudTirol and the Oristano divide the stakes and remain attached to the last wagons of the train maintaining a thread of hope to exit the red zone.

At the moment it seems that the group is in the hands of the pair Vicenza - Brescia with the South Tyrolean Brixen and Unterland ready to strike. The part of the low-ranking center is more balanced with the exception of San Paolo and Oristano, which seem destined to remain in the position currently occupied, except for major market hits. A group that even in the past managed to mix the positions of the classification and for this reason it has to be judged day after day without taking anything for granted.

Walter Pettinati

Walter Pettinati
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